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Organic Chemistry I Workbook For Dummies

Winter, Arthur


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400 Seiten, Softcover
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ISBN: 978-1-119-85577-4
John Wiley & Sons

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Need help with organic chemistry? Get extra practice with this workbook

If you're looking for a little extra help with organic chemistry than your Organic Chemistry I class offers, Organic Chemistry I Workbook For Dummies is exactly what you need! It lets you take the theories you're learning (and maybe struggling with) in class and practice them in the same format you'll find on class exams and other licensing exams, like the MCAT. It offers tips and tricks to memorize difficult concepts and shortcuts to solving problems.

This reference guide and practice book explains the concepts of organic chemistry (such as functional groups, resonance, alkanes, and stereochemistry) in a concise, easy-to-understand format that helps you refine your skills. It also includes real practice with hundreds of exam questions to test your knowledge.
* Walk through the answers and clearly identify where you went wrong (or right) with each problem
* Get practical advice on acing your exams
* Use organic chemistry in practical applications

Organic Chemistry I Workbook For Dummies provides you with opportunities to review the material and practice solving problems based on the topics covered in a typical Organic Chemistry I course. With the help of this practical reference, you can face down your exam and pass on to Organic Chemistry II with confidence!

Introduction 1

Part 1: The Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry 5

Chapter 1: Working with Models and Molecules 7

Chapter 2: Speaking Organic Chemistry: Drawing and Abbreviating Lewis Structures 25

Chapter 3: Drawing Resonance Structures 45

Chapter 4: Working with Acids and Bases 67

Part 2: The Bones of Organic Molecules: The Hydrocarbons 85

Chapter 5: Seeing Molecules in 3-D: Stereochemistry 87

Chapter 6: The Skeletons of Organic Molecules: The Alkanes 113

Chapter 7: Shaping Up with Bond Calisthenics and Conformation 127

Chapter 8: Doubling Down: The Alkenes 147

Chapter 9: Tripling the Fun: Alkyne Reactions and Nomenclature 179

Part 3: Functional Groups and Their Reactions 205

Chapter 10: The Leaving Group Boogie: Substitution and Elimination of Alkyl Halides 207

Chapter 11: Not as Thunk as You Drink I Am: The Alcohols 227

Chapter 12: Conjugated Dienes and the Diels-Alder Reaction 243

Chapter 13: The Power of the Ring: Aromatic Compounds 263

Part 4: Detective Work: Spectroscopy and Spectrometry 285

Chapter 14: Breaking Up (Isn't Hard to Do): Mass Spectrometry 287

Chapter 15: Cool Vibrations: IR Spectroscopy 303

Chapter 16: Putting Molecules under the Magnet: NMR Spectroscopy 319

Part 5: The Part of Tens 349

Chapter 17: The Ten Commandments of Organic Chemistry 351

Chapter 18: Ten Tips for Acing Orgo Exams 355

Chapter 19: Ten Cool Natural Products 361

Index 367
Arthur Winter, PhD, is the author of the popular Organic Chemistry Help! website and Organic Chemistry I For Dummies. His professional focus is on the chemistry of magneto-organic materials.

A. Winter, University of Maryland, College Park, MD