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Materials Science and Engineering in Food Product Development

Lai, Wing-Fu (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage Juni 2023
432 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-86035-8
John Wiley & Sons

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Materials Science and Engineering in Food Product Development

A comprehensive and accessible guide to the food development applications of cutting-edge materials science

In Materials Science and Engineering in Food Product Development, distinguished researcher Wing-Fu Lai delivers an authoritative exploration of the roles played by materials science and engineering in food product development. In the book, the authors employ a practical, industrial perspective to illustrate how food products, especially functional foods, can benefit from the incorporation of materials science technologies.

The book includes helpful glossary sections in each chapter, as well as important notes to highlight information useful to food manufacturers engaged in the real-world development and manufacture of foods. This book is appropriate for both early and advanced researchers interested in the design, improvement, and engineering of food products using the most current advances in food materials science.

Readers will also find:
* A thorough overview of the most critical advances in food materials science
* Comprehensive explorations of a materials science approach to food product design and discussions of techniques for the characterization of food materials and products
* Practical discussions of the design and use of hydrogels, polymers, and lipid-based systems for food component encapsulation
* Comprehensive treatments of the optimization of pasting and textural properties of food products by rheological manipulation

Perfect for students, researchers, and scholars in the fields of nutritional science, materials engineering, food science, food engineering, and nanotechnology, Materials Science and Engineering in Food Product Development will also benefit food manufacturing professionals during food product development.

1. Overview of Different Materials Used in Food Production
2. Introduction to Food Properties and Techniques in Food Product Development
3. Basic Concepts of Bulk Rheology in Food Emulsions
4. Understanding Interfacial Rheology in Food Emulsions
5. Overview of Types of Materials Used for Food Component Cencapsulation
6. Design and Use of Microcarriers for Delivery of Nutraceuticals
7. Design and Use of Lipid-Based Systems for Food Component Encapsulation
8. Working Principles and Use of Gelatin for Food Component Encapsulation
9. Working Principles and Use of Chitosan for Food Component Encapsulation
10. Design and Use of Hydrogels for Food Component Encapsulation
11. Optimization of Pasting and Textural Properties of Food Products
12. Phase Change Material in Food Dryer: Prospect and Challenges
13. Multi-Functional Properties of Halloysite Nano-Clays in Food Safety and Security
14. Use of Electrospinning Technologies for Processing of Probiotics
15. 3D Printing in Food Manufacturing and Mechanics
16. Techniques for Characterization of Food Packaging Materials
17. Development and use of Edible Materials for Food Protection and Packaging
18. Packaging Design as Part of a Holistic Food Quality Assurance Process
19. Determinants of the Quality and Safety of Food Packaging
About the Editor

Wing-Fu Lai received his MSc degree in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology from the City University of Hong Kong, and earned his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Hong Kong. He has been accredited as Shenzhen Municipal "Overseas High-caliber Personnel". Professionally, he is a Registered Nutritionist in the UK, and a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy. He has also received his Certified Food Scientist credential from the International Food Science Certification Commission in the US. His research focus lies in the development and engineering of polymeric materials for food and pharmaceutical applications.