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Fundamentals of Maternal Anatomy and Physiology

Peate, Ian / Leader, Claire (Herausgeber)



1. Auflage Mai 2024
416 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-86471-4
John Wiley & Sons

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Fundamentals of Maternal Anatomy and Physiology

An introduction to anatomy and physiology specifically tailored to the needs of midwives

Existing resources often fall short in addressing the unique needs of midwives, focusing instead on broader healthcare perspectives. This book fulfils the demand for midwifery-specific knowledge in anatomy and physiology, offering a robust yet accessible introduction to key body systems.

Fundamentals of Maternal Anatomy and Physiology ensures a thorough understanding of the subject matter with full-colour illustrations, from the intricacies of the placenta to the dynamics of the musculoskeletal and cardiac systems. Supported by the latest research and aligned with professional best practices, this book is an indispensable companion for both aspiring and seasoned midwives. It provides insight and understanding of maternal anatomy and physiology applied to midwifery practice.

Suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate midwifery students, as well as midwives returning to practice, this resource is an invaluable asset in advancing anatomical and physiological knowledge within midwifery practice.

Ian Peate is Visiting Professor of Nursing at St George's University of London and Kingston University London; Visiting Professor, Northumbria University; Senior Clinical Fellow, University of Hertfordshire; Professorial Fellow, University of Roehampton; Editor-in-Chief of the British Journal of Nursing, Consultant Editor of the Journal of Paramedic Practice, and Consultant Editor of the International Journal of Advancing Practice.

Claire Leader is Assistant Professor in the Department of Nursing, Midwifery and Health, and Faculty Director of Inter-professional Education, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK. Claire is also an editorial board member for the British Journal of Midwifery.

I. Peate, St George's University of London; Kingston University London; Northumbria University; University of Hertfordshire; Unive; C. Leader, Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK