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Biomass-Based Supercapacitors

Design, Fabrication and Sustainability

Aziz, Md. Abdul / Shah, Syed Shaheen (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage Juli 2023
528 Seiten, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-1-119-86640-4
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Authoritative resource addressing the fundamentals, design, manufacturing, and industrial applications of supercapacitors based on biomass

Biomass-Based Supercapacitors presents a systematic overview and recent developments in the research, design, and fabrication of supercapacitors using biomass, discussing fundamentals, advancements, industrial applications, and the manufacturing process of biomass-derived supercapacitors. The text also considers environmental and economic aspects of the technology, along with biomass-based supercapacitors in the context of circular economy.

Written by a team of international experts in the field of supercapacitors, Biomass-Based Supercapacitors covers sample topics such as:
* Basic foundational knowledge surrounding supercapacitors, electrochemical techniques for supercapacitors, and different types of supercapacitors
* Biomass derived electrode materials for supercapacitors, such as activated and non-activated carbon, carbon from pretreated biomass, carbonate salts-activated carbon, and more
* Electrolytes, separators, and packaging materials for supercapacitors using biomass and binding materials from biomass for supercapacitors
* Future outlooks and challenges for the development of biomass-based supercapacitors, from the lab to practical applications in industry

Biomass-Based Supercapacitors is an excellent resource for academic researchers and industrial scientists working in the areas of supercapacitor fabrication, energy materials and energy storage devices, electrochemistry, materials science, biomass conversion, green chemistry, and sustainability.

About the Editors ix

Preface xi

List of Contributors xiii

Part 1 Biomass 1

1 Introduction to Biomass 3
Md. Almujaddade Alfasane, Ashika Akhtar, Nasrin Siraj Lopa, and Md. Mahbubur Rahman

2 Environmental Aspects of Biomass Utilization in Supercapacitors 23
Runa Akter, Jaber Bin Abdul Bari, Saidur R. Chowdhury, Muhammad Muhitur Rahman, and Syed Masiur Rahman

3 Biomass Utilization in Supercapacitors for the Circular Economy 41
Runa Akter, Md. Raquibul Hassan Bhuiyan, Saidur R. Chowdhury, Muhammad Muhitur Rahman, and Syed Masiur Rahman

Part 2 Fundamentals of Supercapacitors 61

4 Introduction to Supercapacitors 63
Syed Shaheen Shah, Mohammad Rezaul Karim, Md. Abdul Wahab, Muhammad Ali Ehsan, and Md. Abdul Aziz

5 Electrochemical Techniques for Supercapacitors 81
Syed Shaheen Shah, Md Abdul Aziz, and Munetaka Oyama

6 Types of Supercapacitors 93
Syed Shaheen Shah, Md. Abdul Aziz, Wael Mahfoz, and Md. Akhtaruzzaman

Part 3 Biomass Derived Electrode Materials for Supercapacitors 105

7 Non-activated Carbon for Supercapacitor Electrodes 107
Md. Akib Hasan, Mohammad Anikur Rahman, and Md. Mominul Islam

8 Carbon from Pre-Treated Biomass 121
Syeda Ramsha Ali, Mian Muhammad Faisal, and K.C. Sanal

9 Carbonate Salts-activated Carbon 143
Syed Shaheen Shah , Md. Abdul Aziz , Laiq Zada, Haroon Ur Rahman, Falak Niaz, and Khizar Hayat

10 KOH/NaOH-activated Carbon 161
Nasrin Siraj Lopa, Biswa Nath Bhadra, Nazmul Abedin Khan, Serge Zhuiykov, and Md. Mahbubur Rahman

11 Chloride Salt-activated Carbon for Supercapacitors 179
Eman Gul, Syed Adil Shah, and Syed Niaz Ali Shah

12 CO2-activated Carbon 201
Salman Farsi, Thuhin Kumar Dey, Mushfiqur Rahman, and Mamun Jamal

13 Steam-activated Carbon for Supercapacitors 213
Madhusudan Roy and Hasi Rani Barai

14 Biomass-Derived Hard Carbon for Supercapacitors 237
Himadri Tanaya Das, Swapnamoy Dutta, Muhammad Usman, T. Elango Balaji, and Nigamananda Das

15 Carbon Nanofibers 249
Nasrin Sultana, Ahtisham Anjum, S. M. Abu Nayem, Syed Shaheen Shah, Md. Hasan Zahir , A. J. Saleh Ahammad, and Md. Abdul Aziz

16 Biomass-Derived Graphene-Based Supercapacitors 269
Nafeesa Sarfraz, Ibrahim Khan, and Abdulmajeed H. Hendi

17 Biomass-derived N-doped Carbon for Electrochemical Supercapacitors 289
Syed Niaz Ali Shah, Eman Gul, Narayan Chandra Deb Nath, and Guodong Du

18 Biomass Based S-doped Carbon for Supercapacitor Application 315
S. M. Abu Nayem, Santa Islam, Syed Shaheen Shah, Nasrin Sultana, Wael Mahfoz, A. J. Saleh Ahammad, and Md. Abdul Aziz

19 Biomass-derived Carbon and Metal Oxides Composites for Supercapacitors 329
Muhammad Ammar, Himadri Tanaya Das, Awais Ali, Sami Ullah, Abuzar Khan, Abbas Saeed Hakeem, Naseem Iqbal, Muhammad Humayun, Muhammad Zahir Iqbal, and Muhammad Usman

20 Composites of Biomass-derived Materials and Conducting Polymers 347
Wael Mahfoz, Abubakar Dahiru Shuaibu, Syed Shaheen Shah, Md. Abdul Aziz, and Abdul-Rahman Al-Betar

21 Composite of Biomass-derived Material and Conductive Material Excluding Conducting Polymer Material 367
Nasrin Sultana, Ahmar Ali, S. M. Abu Nayem, Syed Shaheen Shah, Md. Hasan Zahir, A. J. Saleh Ahammad, and Md. Abdul Aziz

Part 4 Binding Materials, Electrolytes, Separators, and Packaging Materials from Biomass for Supercapacitors 383

22 Biomass-based Electrolytes for Supercapacitor Applications 385
S. M. Abu Nayem, Santa Islam, Syed Shaheen Shah, Nasrin Sultana, M. Nasiruzzaman Shaikh, Md. Abdul Aziz, and A. J. Saleh Ahammad

23 Biomass-based Separators for Supercapacitor Applications 403
S. M. Abu Nayem, Santa Islam, Syed Shaheen Shah, Abdul Awal, Nasrin Sultana, A. J. Saleh Ahammad, and Md. Abdul Aziz

24 Binding Agents and Packaging Materials of Supercapacitors from Biomass 417
Md. Mehedi Hasan and Md. Rajibul Akanda

Part 5 Biomass-Based Supercapacitors: Future Outlooks and Challenges 435

25 Biomass-based Supercapacitors: Lab to Industry 437
Syed Shaheen Shah, Md. Abdul Aziz, Muhammad Usman, Abbas Saeed Hakeem, Shahid Ali, and Atif Saeed Alzahrani

26 Future Directions and Challenges in Biomass-Based Supercapacitors 461
Syed Shaheen Shah, Md. Abdul Aziz, Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Usman, Sikandar Khan, Farrukh Shehzad, Syed Niaz Ali Shah, and Sami Ullah

Index 485
Dr. Md. Abdul Aziz is a Research Scientist-II at Interdisciplinary Research Center for Hydrogen and Energy Storage, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia. His main research interests are preparation, immobilization, and functionalization of nanomaterials and carbonaceous materials, and their application in supercapacitors, water splitting, chemical and biochemical sensors.

Dr. Syed Shaheen Shah is a JSPS Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Material Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan. His research interests focus on the development and mechanistic investigation of advanced nanomaterials for energy harvesting and storage applications, such as supercapacitors, electrochemical water splitting, and electrochemical sensors.