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Digital Humans: Thriving in an Online World

Ashcroft, Paul / Jones, Garrick


1. Auflage August 2022
288 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-87972-5
John Wiley & Sons

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Embrace the Human Side of Organisational Digital Transformation

Digital Humans: Thriving in an Online World is an insightful, engaging and interdisciplinary discussion of how best to transform your organisation into a nimble, digital enterprise with human beings firmly established at the centre of it. The authors draw on complexity theory, anthropology, history, organisational transformation and behavioural science to demonstrate the characteristics that define successful digital organisations.

You'll discover the importance of focusing on human beings even as you make the shift to digital and learn to understand the importance of our new digital ecosystems. Illuminating case studies and examples of organisations that have successfully made the jump to digital are explored and the book presents new and effective ways to make strategic decisions about your company's future based on our new physical-digital hybrid reality.

A can't-miss blueprint to a market environment and world that's increasingly fast-moving, complex and rewarding, Digital Humans will find a place in the libraries of managers, executives, and business leaders looking for an engaging roadmap to digital transformation that wouldn't have us leave our humanity behind.

Acknowledgements ix

About This Book xi

Introduction xiii

Part One Living in Our Online World 1

Our Brave New Digital World 3

Living in a Changing World 17

The Activated Organization 45

Part Two New Thinking for Digital Humans and Their Organizations 57

1 The Digital Spine 59

2 Build Together 75

3 The Organization of One 99

4 Add-app-ability 113

5 Theatres of Work 129

6 Build Beautiful Things 145

7 Playing Games 157

8 The Power of Small Things 171

9 Targets and the Mirror 187

10 Always Learning 199

11 Creating Meaningful Alternatives 215

12 Turn It On 227

Conclusion: Reflections on New Thinking for Our Brave New Digital World 245

Terms of Art 249

About the Authors 259

Index 261
PAUL ASHCROFT is Co-founder of The Ludic Group. He is an expert in applying the principles of innovation, design thinking and digital to large scale transformation, people engagement and capability building.

GARRICK JONES is Co-founder of The Ludic Group. He is a businessperson, academic and musician based in London and a Fellow of the London School of Economics and Political Science, where he launched the groundbreaking Open Innovation Programme.

P. Ashcroft, The Ludic Group; G. Jones, The Ludic Group