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In Support of Students

A Leader's Guide to Equitable MTSS

Novak, Katie / Rodriguez, Kristan


1. Auflage Mai 2023
256 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-88526-9
John Wiley & Sons

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A research- and evidence-based playbook for creating MTSS in schools

In In Support of Students: A Leader's Guide to Equitable MTSS, a team of distinguished educators delivers a comprehensive and insightful discussion of how to create evidence-based and equitable multi-tiered systems (MTSS). In the book, you'll find the practical tips and tools you need to support the implementation and redesign of systems that meet the needs of all learners.

The author go beyond conceptual theories and frameworks and readers grounded, hands-on advice for developing MTSS that provide opportunities for students to learn at high levels while retaining equitable feelings of belonging and hope. The book also provides:
* Real-life examples and planning procedures to implement MTSS in a variety of school environments
* Strategies for building MTSS in ways that combat educator burn-out, overwork, and overwhelm
* An actionable toolkit to put MTSS into practice and improve student outcomes

An indispensable resource for K-12 school leaders and administrators, In Support of Students will also prove invaluable to policymakers, university staff, and regional support providers.

From Katie 7

From Kristan 8

Introduction 8

Chapter 1: Planning for Systems Change 9

The View from My Window, Kristan 9

Our Call 10

The Need for Complex Change 12

Unfreeze-Change-Refreeze Model 13

Concerns-Based Adoption 15

Implementation Science 17

Improvement Science 21

Summary 24

Reflection Questions 25

Chapter 2: Understanding MTSS 25

Baking, Not Caking 26

Defining MTSS 26

Vision 32

Instructional Design 32

Tiered Systems 33

Systems and Structures 34

Summary 36

Reflection Questions 37

Chapter 3: The Power of Inclusive Practices 38

The Power of Carrot Cake, Katie 38

The Opportunity Myth 39

Universal Design for Learning 41

Deeper Learning 51

Deeper Learning Tasks 53

Summary 55

Reflection Questions 55

Chapter 4: Building Your Team and Crafting a Vision 57

The Ultimate Dream Team, Katie 57

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 58

Establishing the MTSS Team 58

Team Members 59

Team Process 61

Building Team Norms 62

Coordinating with Other Teams 65

Understanding Effective Instructional Practice 66

Creating the Vision 68

Drafting the Vision 69

Summary 71

Chapter 5: Kicking Off the Needs Assessment Process 72

My Reflection in the Mirror, Kristan 72

Where Do I Start? Katie 73

Seeing Our Current Systems 73

Document Review 75

Document Review Sample: High School Schedule 78

Asset Mapping 81

Systems Inventory 83

Summary 84

Reflection Questions 84

Chapter 6: Data Analysis to Prepare for MTSS 86

The Power of Lived Experiences, Kristan 86

Data Analysis 87

Outcomes Data 88

Instructional Data 89

Perspectives Data 89

Systems Data 90

Equity Reviews 90

Transforming Equity Reviews Into Action 93

Prepare Your Data Culture 95

Set a Positive Data Culture 95

Create a Comprehensive Assessment Map 96

Design a Data Decision Flowchart 97

Create Data Systems 99

Summary 100

Reflection Questions 100

Chapter 7: Conducting the Self-Assessment 101

Refinishing the Glider, Katie 101

Completing the Self-Assessment 102

Instructional Vision 104

Instructional Design 105

Tiered Systems 108

Systems and Structures 111

Key Findings 114

Summary 117

Chapter 8: Root-Cause Analysis 118

Down the River 118

Identify Potential Root Causes 119

Organizing Your Proposed Root Causes Around Control 120

Review Root Causes for Leverage 121

Validate Your Root Causes 122

Verify Your Root Causes 123

Summary 124

Reflection Questions 124

Chapter 9: Planning for Success 126

Walk with Me, Kristan 126

Sample Process Overview 127

Writing SMART Goals 133

Vetting Your Plan 137

Logic Models 139

Your Turn 144

Action Planning 145

Summary 148

Reflection Questions 148

Chapter 10: Implementing Systems 149

Avoiding the Fate of Sisyphus 149

Unpacking Fidelity 150

Fidelity Checks in Practice 154

Feedback Loops 155

A Case Study: Integrating MTSS 157

Summary 160

References 161

Appendix A 169

Appendix B: Sample Action Steps for MTSS Strategy 177

Vision Action Steps 177

Instructional Design Sample Action Steps 177

Curricular Materials 178

Equitable Practices 178

Pedagogy 179

Assessment 179

Learning Environment 180

Tiered Systems Planning 181

Tiered Supports 181

Data Systems 182

Access to Resources 182

Leveraging Systems and Structures 184

Staff Development and Competency 184

Structural Support 185

Continuous Improvement Cycles 185

Human Resources 187

About the Authors 187

Katie Novak, Ed.D. 188

Kristan Rodriguez, Ph.D. 189
Katie Novak, ED.D., is an education consultant, author, and graduate instructor at the University of Pennsylvania. She has over 20 years' experience in teaching and administration and has published twelve books focused on building inclusive and equitable classrooms, schools, and systems.

Kristan Rodriguez, PH.D., spent over 20 years as a practitioner in private and public school settings, including being a teacher, principal, and superintendent of schools. Dr. Rodriguez is currently the owner of an educational consulting agency that helps provide professional learning and staffing to schools across the globe. In addition to her books, she has authored numerous MTSS implementation resources that have been used in the field.

K. Novak, University of Pennsylvania