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Bond Investing For Dummies

Wild, Russell


3. Auflage September 2022
384 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-89478-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Everything on bonds, bond funds, and more! Updated for the new economy

Whether you're looking for income, diversification, or protection from stock market volatility, bonds can play an important role in any portfolio. Newly updated, Bond Investing For Dummies covers the essentials of getting started and ways to select and purchase bonds for your needs. You'll get up to speed on the different bond varieties and see how to get the best prices when you sell.

We'll help you wrap your mind around bond returns and risk and recognize the major factors that influence bond performance. With easily understandable explanations and examples, you can understand bonds from every angle--yield, credit risk, callability, fund selection, bond broker-dealers, web portals, and beyond. This is the expert information and advice you need to invest in bonds in today's environment. Learn what bonds are and how you can use them to strengthen and protect your portfolio
* Understand how interest rates and other shifting sands affect bond investing
* Minimize your risk and maximize your returns with proven advice from an expert financial advisor
* Use online investing and apps to buy bonds and bond funds with confidence and ease

Novice and experienced investors alike will love this quick-and-easy approach to bond investing.

Introduction 1

Part 1: A Quick Guide to the Fixed-Income Universe 9

Chapter 1: Buying Bonds: In Your Best Interest 11

Chapter 2: Constructing Your Portfolio's Foundation 29

Chapter 3: A (Mostly) Heroic History of Bonds 43

Chapter 4: Interest, Sweet Interest 57

Part 2: Bonds of Many Distinct Flavors 81

Chapter 5: US Treasury Bonds: As Safe as Safe Can Be 83

Chapter 6: Getting Down to Business: Corporate Bonds 103

Chapter 7: Powerful and a Tad Mysterious: Agency Bonds 117

Chapter 8: (Practically) Tax-Free: Municipal Bonds 131

Chapter 9: International Bonds and Other Seemingly Exotic Offerings 147

Part 3: Bonds as Portfolio Cement 169

Chapter 10: Return, Risk, and Realism 171

Chapter 11: The Art and Science of Portfolio-Building 189

Chapter 12: Slicing the Pie: How Much Should Be in Bonds? 201

Chapter 13: Making Your Preliminary Bond Choices 219

Part 4: A Manual for Smart Bond Shopping 233

Chapter 14: Planning Your Bond Buys and Sells 235

Chapter 15: Diving (Carefully!) into the Individual Bond Marketplace 253

Chapter 16: Choosing Bond Funds Wisely 273

Part 5: Bonds as Good Friends of Retirees 303

Chapter 17: Satisfying Your Need for Steady Cash 305

Chapter 18: Ensuring Financial Security in Old Age 321

Part 6: The Part of Tens 333

Chapter 19: Ten Most Common Misconceptions about Bonds 335

Chapter 20: Ten Mistakes Bond Investors Need to Avoid 341

Appendix: Helpful Web Resources for Successful Bond Investing 347 Index 353
Russell Wild is an experienced financial advisor and writer who has been working in the finance and investment industry for more than 30 years. Russell is the principal of Global Portfolios. He is the author of Exchange-Traded Funds For Dummies and the previous editions of Bond Investing For Dummies.

R. Wild, Principal, Global Portfolios and NAPFA-certified financial advisor