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Organic Syntheses, Volume 98

Senanayake, Chris H. (Herausgeber)

Organic Syntheses (Band Nr. 98)


1. Auflage Oktober 2022
608 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-90394-9
John Wiley & Sons

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The current volume continues the tradition of the Organic Syntheses series, providing carefully checked and edited experimental procedures that describe important synthetic methods, transformations, reagents, and synthetic building blocks or intermediates with demonstrated utility in organic synthesis. These significant and interesting procedures should prove worthwhile to many synthetic chemists working in increasingly diverse areas. A trusted guide for professionals in organic and medicinal chemistry in academia, government, and industries, including pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, agrochemicals, and biotechnological products.

Chapter 1 Synthesis of Chiral Organoiodine Catalyst for Enantioselective Oxidative Dearomatization Reactions: N,N'-(2S,2'S)-(2-Iodo-1,3-phenylene) bis(oxy)bis(propane-2,1-diyl)bis(2,4,6-trimethylbenzamide)

Chapter 2 Chapter iral Organoiodine-catalyzed Enantioselective Oxidative Dearomatization of Phenols

Chapter 3 Reductive Deuteration of Ketones with Magnesium and D2O for the Synthesis of alpha-Deutero-o-methyl-benzhydrol

Chapter 4 Palladium-Catalyzed Acetylation of Arylbromides

Chapter 5 Cu-catalyzed Allylic Perfluoroalkylation of Alkenes Using Perfluoro Acid Anhydrides: Preparation of N-(5,5,5-Trifluoro-2-penten-1-yl)phthalimide

Chapter 6 Synthesis of a Phosphorous Sulfur Incorporating Reagent for the Enantioselective Synthesis of Thiophosphates

Chapter 7 Discussion Addendum for: Preparation of (S)-tert-ButylPyOx and Palladium-Catalyzed Asymmetric Conjugate Addition of Arylboronic Acids

Chapter 8 Palladium-Catalyzed Hydrodefluorination of Fluoroarenes

Chapter 9 Synthesis of the Isocyanide Building Block Asmic, anisylsulfanylmethylisocyanide

Chapter 10 Mild mono-Acylation of 4,5-Diiodoimidazole: Preparation of 1-(5-Iodo-1H-imidazole-4-yl)pent-4-en-1-one

Chapter 11 Enantioselective Michael-Proton Transfer-Lactamization for Pyroglutamic Acid Derivatives: Synthesis of Dimethyl-(S,E)-5-oxo-3-styryl-1-tosylpyrrolidine-2,2-dicarboxylate

Chapter 12 Preparation of 1-Hydrosilatrane, and Its Use in the Highly Practical Synthesis of Secondary and Tertiary Amines from Aldehydes and Ketones via Direct Reductive Amination

Chapter 13 Synthesis of Tetraaryl-, Pentaaryl-, and Hexaaryl-1,4-dihydropyrrolo[3,2-b]pyrroles

Chapter 14 Preparation of Hindered Aniline CyanH and Application in the Allyl-Ni-Catalyzed alpha, ß-Dehydrogenation of Carbonyls

Chapter 15 Synthesis of tert-Alkyl Phosphines: Preparation of Di-(1-adamantyl)phosphonium Trifluoromethanesulfonate and Tri-(1-adamantyl)phosphine

Chapter 16 Preparation of 1-Benzyl-7-methylene-1,5,6,7-tetrahydro-4H-benzo[d]imidazol-4-one

Chapter 17 Catalytic Diazoalkane-Carbonyl Homologation: Synthesis of 2,2-Diphenylcycloheptanone and Other Quaternary or Tertiary Arylalkanones and Spirocycles by Ring Expansion

Chapter 18 C2 Amination of Pyridine with Primary Amines Mediated by Sodium Hydride in the Presence of Lithium Iodide

Chapter 19 Synthesis and Acylation of 1,3-Thiazinane-2-thione

Chapter 20 Preparation of (Bis)Cationic Nitrogen-Ligated I(III) Reagents: Synthesis of [(pyridine)2IPh](OTf)2 and [(4-CF3-pyridine)2IPh](OTf)2

Chapter 21 Preparation of 6-(Triethylsilyl)cyclohex-1-en-1-yl Trifluoromethanesulfonate as a Precursor to 1, 2-Cyclohexadiene

Chapter 22 Discussion Addendum for: Intra- and Intermolecular Kulinkovich Cyclopropanation Reactions of Carboxylic Esters with Olefins: Bicyclo[3.1.0]hexan-1-ol and trans-2-benzyl-1-methylcyclopropan-1-ol

Chapter 23 Synthesis of Chiral Aziridine Ligands for Asymmetric Alkylation with Alkylzincs: Diphenyl((S)-1-((S)-1-phenylethyl)aziridin-2-yl)methanol

Chapter 24 Large-Scale Preparation of Oppolzer's Glycylsultam

Chapter 25 Stereoselective [2+2] Cycloadditions: Synthesis of a Tri-O-Bn-D-Glucal-derived ß-Lactam

Chapter 26 Preparation of 2-(Triethylsilyl)cyclohex-1-en-1-yl Trifluoromethanesulfonate as a Precursor to Cyclohexyne

Chapter 27 Late-stage C H Functionalization with 2,3,7,8-Tetrafluorothianthrene: Preparation of a Tetrafluorothianthrenium-salt