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Pricing with Confidence

Ten Rules for Increasing Profits and Staying Ahead of Inflation

Holden, Reed K. / Mukherjee, Jeet


2. Auflage Oktober 2022
240 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-91018-3
John Wiley & Sons

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Navigate Inflation, Keep Valuable Customers, Increase Profits

As you read this, inflation is steadily and (not so) slowly eating into your profit margins. Simultaneously, your sales teams are using discounts and rebates as crutches to help them close sales, even as this habit threatens the profitability of your business.

In the newly revised second edition of Pricing with Confidence: Ten Rules for Increasing Profits and Staying Ahead of Inflation, world-renowned pricing consultants and thought leaders Reed K. Holden and Jeet Mukherjee deliver a compelling argument against the conventional view that there is a tension between revenue growth and profit growth. In the book, you'll learn how your firm can enjoy both even as it stays ahead of inflation.

The authors also explore:
* The importance of a sound pricing strategy to protect profits
* How stellar analytics and quality metrics can help you set the perfect price
* Innovation as the life blood of organizational growth
* How to set sales team and customer expectations, keep valuable customers, and achieve value from technology
* Building your "selling backbone" to prepare for tough negotiations and draft profitable RFPs

A can't-miss update to one of the most valuable pricing resources on the market today, Pricing with Confidence belongs in the libraries of pricing managers, executives, founders, entrepreneurs, independent professionals, and anyone else expected to help their organization grow revenues while simultaneously improving margins.

Preface: The Inflation Imperative


Introduction: Getting Used to Supply Chain and Cost Turbulence

Chapter 1 Rule One: Price for Profits

Chapter 2 Rule Two: An Ounce of Execution is Better than A Pound of Planning

Chapter 3 Rule Three: Kick the Discounting Habit

Chapter 4 Rule Four: Know Your Value

Chapter 5 Rule Five: Strategy Sets the Direction

Chapter 6 Rule Six: Innovate for Growth

Chapter 7 Rule Seven: Understand Your Market

Chapter 8 Rule Eight: Build Your Give-Get Muscle

Chapter 9 Rule Nine: Build Your Selling Backbone to Add Profits

Chapter 10 Rule Ten: Deploy Three Practices to Increase Profits

Chapter 11 Price with Confidence - The Journey

About the Authors

DR. REED K. HOLDEN (right) is Founder of Holden Advisors, consultancy to senior executives in Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Holden is co-author of the second and third editions of The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing. He is also the author of the first and second editions of Negotiating with Backbone: Eight Sales Strategies to Defend Your Price and Value.

JEET MUKHERJEE (left) is Vice President, Head of Pricing at Holden Advisors, and has two decades of global experience in management consulting, strategy, analytics, marketing and pricing. He holds an MBA from Boston University???s Questrom School of Business and has worked with clients in the distribution, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and technology sectors.

R. K. Holden, Holden Advisors