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Rising Above

A Story of Positive School Conflict Resolution

Pohl, J. C. / McKernan, Ryan


1. Auflage Juni 2023
272 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-394-15545-3
John Wiley & Sons

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Transform your school's culture for the better

In Rising Above, we meet Serenity Springs High School's new school counselor Monica Sheppard as she is fielding a barrage of school conflict issues coming at her from what seems like every direction. Backed by a team of veteran school culture experts from different facets of education, author JC Pohl delivers an engaging, ripped-from-the-headlines narrative about a fictional school community devolving into chaos. With social media running out of control, teachers feeling burnt out, and a principal that has simply lost her way, Monica immerses herself into the school community and strives to bridge many of the divides that define contemporary school environments across the United States.

The book includes insights from real-world experts, including Principal Dr. Pete Getz, relationship expert Emil Harker, LMFT, and school counselor educator Dr. Stephanie Eberts. It also offers:
* A comprehensive set of strategies and tools to help cure the ailments destroying school culture
* Insightful discussions of teacher-student, teacher-teacher, teacher-administration, teacher-parent, teacher-staff, and student-student conflict management and resolution
* A compelling narrative of a school leader rising above the chaos that surrounds her and showing readers a tangible pathway that leads to positive school conflict resolution

An engrossing and essential read for principals, assistant principals, school counselors, and other district administrators, Rising Above also proves invaluable to K-12 teachers and higher education professors with an interest in building exemplary school cultures.

Preface xv

Featured Experts xix

Section 1 Conflict 1

Chapter 1 Omelets and Arguments 3

Chapter 2 Trouble in Serenity 11

Chapter 3 The Outburst 17

Chapter 4 Online but Disconnected 23

Chapter 5 Red vs. Blue 29

Chapter 6 Burnt Out 37

Chapter 7 GOLFMAST3R_DAD3288 47

Chapter 8 Retreat and Refocus 55

Section 2 Connection 63

Chapter 9 A Little Now or a Lot Later 65

Chapter 10 Silly Beans 69

Chapter 11 Truly Troubled Tony 75

Chapter 12 Serious Digital Beef 87

Chapter 13 A Little Ad Hominem 95

Chapter 14 A Cooling Ember 107

Chapter 15 Trading Vinegar for Honey 113

Section 3 Collaboration 121

Chapter 16 One Problem Too Many 123

Chapter 17 Freedom Through Acceptance 131

Chapter 18 Breakthrough 141

Chapter 19 Face to Face 155

Chapter 20 Hemispheres 167

Chapter 21 Remembering Why 171

Chapter 22 Defused 181

Chapter 23 Harvest 189

Going Deeper: Monica's Journal 193

About the Authors 233

Index 235
Praise for Rising Above

When we look at the educational experience, we can quickly understand the importance that safe and supportive learning environments play, and why they should be at the forefront of all educator's minds. Challenges arise, however, when we start to look to the application of best practices and strategies to help support students and staff in our schools by establishing and sustaining these positive spaces. In Rising Above, JC Pohl is able to take what can often times be a daunting experience and provide real life, replicable solutions to help educators understand how to shift from theory to practice in understanding and meeting the needs of students and staff in our schools. --Adam Lustig, Director, Leadership Services, Education & Training, National School Boards Association

As long as there are schools there will be conflict. But it doesn't have to be the knock-down-drag-out kind. By writing this book as a fable about a fictitious school counselor, Pohl helps educators learn how to defuse typical school conflicts by showing us the way this counselor approaches conflict, speaks to those involved, and intentionally builds relationships - the true antidote to all conflicts. --Jenn David-Lang, THE MAIN IDEA, Learn & Lead: Masterminds for School Leaders

JC Pohl has a vantage point very few individuals will ever experience. Visiting thousands of school systems, staff, students, and communities all over the country provides Pohl with a view of the diverse quilt that is our educational system. Every educator will want to read the stories and life experiences Pohl has included in this book as you discover one gem after another of deep insight. A great resource to better understand the human side of education. --Raúl Gastón, Principal - Jefferson Middle School - Villa Park, and the 2022-2023 President of the Illinois Principals Association

As an education leader, I have learned that maintaining a safe and student-centered environment can be accomplished simply by calming school conflict. JC Pohl has delivered a book that not only helps to give school leaders strategies to minimize conflict but also provides a tool that can be used to engage this issue with my staff and campus community. JC's story-driven approach is refreshing, applicable, and uniquely different from most school culture books I have read. --Dr. Pete M. Getz, Ed.D., Principal, Valencia High School, California

The salvation of public education is rooted in all stakeholders realizing we are on the same team. JC Pohl provides an insightful incorporation of key culture tenets, based on today's realities, in a refreshing, hopeful, urgently needed playbook. --Mary Jane Hetrick, Ph.D., President, Foundation Logic
JC Pohl is a producer and speaker dedicated to building positive school culture and empowering student voice. He has produced award-winning content for Warner Brothers, ESPN, and Disney. He is President and CEO of TEEN TRUTH, an organization that inspires students, educators, and parents to be the difference.