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What Goes Unspoken

How School Leaders Address DEI Beyond Race

Hardy Allen, Krystal


1. Auflage September 2023
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ISBN: 978-1-394-16318-2
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Practical ways and tools for school leaders to operationalize diversity, equity, and inclusion

What Goes Unspoken is a must-have guide for any school or educational systems leader looking to comprehend and put into play an effective, equity-centered plan that champions students, teachers, and staff. Moving beyond the abundant resources that focus on DEI theories, author Krystal Hardy Allen shows leaders and administrators how to concretely center DEI within both practices and policies, as well as how to do the interpersonal work of becoming a self-aware and equity-focused leader. With these resources, you'll learn how to ensure that DEI is embedded in your strategic planning to create schools and education organizations that are transformative, inclusive, and equitable for both children and adults.

Focusing on ten specific domains of school leadership and district operations--including school board governance, finance, community engagement, instruction, school culture, and more--this book shows you exactly how to shift from theory to action. Instead of investing thousands of dollars in trainings and initiatives that are often piecemeal, abstract, or at times ineffective, it's essential that that leaders learn practical steps to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion at the district, school, and classroom levels. Drawing on her own school leadership and international educational consultant experience, Allen teaches you to:
* Better understand your role as a leader within your school or district's DEI work and how the intrapersonal work you do influences your decisions
* Prioritize an equity-informed view, policies, and practices within different areas of teacher development, school operations and finance, parent engagement, student culture, school board governance, marketing and branding, and more
* Clarify the relationship between DEI and your schools' or district's mission, vision, values, and goals
* Build an effective strategic plan at the school or district level that provides both guidance and accountability to your school or district's DEI journey

In the current cultural and sociopolitical climate, What Goes Unspoken is a must-read for leaders and administrators of public and private schools, as well as district personnel and educational leadership training programs.

Introduction ix

Part One Getting Started 1

Chapter 1 Establishing a Shared Language and Vision 3

Chapter 2 Looking in the Mirror 19

Part Two Operationalizing DEI Within Your School or District 43

Chapter 3 Organizational Clarity and Commitment 47

Chapter 4 School Board Governance 67

Chapter 5 Organizational Leadership and Management 83

Chapter 6 Human Resources (HR) 93

Chapter 7 Teaching and Learning (Instruction) 115

Chapter 8 Student Culture and Climate 127

Chapter 9 Operations and Finance 141

Chapter 10 Family and Community Engagement 149

Chapter 11 Marketing, Branding, and Communications 159

Part Three Looking Ahead 163

Chapter 12 Where to Go from Here 165

Chapter 13 Tools You Can Leverage 167

Key Terms: A DEI Glossary 171

References 181

Acknowledgments 183

About the Author 185

Index 187
"Krystal Hardy Allen's book What Goes Unspoken is a must-read! She goes beyond theory into showing school leaders how to operationalize one of the most critical aspects of any school's success--diversity, equity, and inclusion. Principals and heads of school will not only learn how to do self-work, but they will also be able to measure their school's DEI efforts and help usher in checks and balances that foster engagement, sense of belonging, and the necessary environment for students, teachers, and staff to thrive."
--Janice K. Jackson, Ed.D., Chief Executive Officer, Hope Chicago

"Diversity and equity are critical components in creating an inclusive and welcoming environment in any organization or community. Feeling accepted, valued, and recognized as part of the community is a basic need for all humans. What Goes Unspoken guides educational organizations as they begin to understand how to systematically create a culture of acceptance, empathy, and opportunities for all."

--Geri Gillespy, Ed.D., Education Industry Executive, StraightUpEDU
KRYSTAL HARDY ALLEN is founder and CEO of K. Allen Consulting, an international education and management consulting firm. She is also an education advocate, an award-winning former teacher and school principal, and a well-respected thought leader. Operating within nine countries, her firm's education clients have included systems such as New Orleans Public Schools, The KIPP Foundation, and Chicago Public Schools as well as major corporate brands like Amazon and Apple. Krystal's work centers around DEI, social justice, adult learning, and organizational development. A first-generation college graduate, Krystal is a native of historic Selma, Alabama, and earned her B.A. from the University of Notre Dame, M.Ed. from NLU-Chicago, and completed doctoral coursework at Teachers College, Columbia University.