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The Holistic You

Integrating Your Family, Finances, Faith, Friendships, and Fitness

Lapin, Rabbi Daniel


1. Auflage September 2023
272 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-394-16348-9
John Wiley & Sons

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Family. Faith. Finance. Friendship. Fitness. Learn to balance and integrate these five critical areas of life.

In The Holistic You: Integrating Your Family, Finances, Faith, Friendships, and Fitness, sought-after speaker and writer Rabbi Daniel Lapin delivers an inspiring and insightful discussion of how to bring joy and confidence to all of life's many challenges. Rabbi Lapin introduces you to his unique 5F system, weaving together family, faith, finance, friendship, and fitness. He demonstrates how to organize your life so that you're not neglecting one area to achieve success and connection in another.

This book will show how happiness for most is found in family structures and the sexual relationships at their heart along with productive work and the money it creates. It reveals how to defeat false ideas that are projected into our brains about sex, gender, money, and health, both mental and physical, which imperil every aspect of our happiness.

You'll discover how to stop treating life like a zero-sum game and how to apply your efforts in each of the five elemental areas in ways that support your efforts in all the other four. A recipe for balance and well-roundedness, the book also provides:
* Universally applicable insights and strategies that have worked effectively for generations of enthusiasts of 3000 years of Jewish wisdom.
* Strategies to achieve, peace, and tranquility in your daily life through balance and connection
* Ways to benefit by strengthening unsuspectected connections between seemingly disparate parts of your life
* Steps to improve life by integrating humanity's most fundamental institution and its most fundamental ambition

An essential roadmap for sculpting our lives in an increasingly challenging world, The Holistic You will benefit anyone who hopes to simplify and integrate all the most important parts of their life.



About the Authors

Chapter One: Meet the 5Fs

Chapter Two: Connect for Success

Chapter Three: Seeing the Invisible

Chapter Four: Bodybuilding

Chapter Five: Money and Morality

Chapter Six: Sex: Pleasure and Pain

Chapter Seven: Some Tough Decisions

Chapter Eight: Putting the 5Fs to Work

Rabbi Daniel Lapin and Susan Lapin have been blessed with seven children whom they greatly admire and who are now building their own young families. The Lapin children were homeschooled on Mercer Island, Washington and the family enjoyed annual holidays boating off the coast of British Columbia. Several of the Lapin children joined their parents on an exciting Pacific Ocean crossing in their own sailboat and some are now homeschooling Lapin grandchildren. The Lapins recently relocated to Maryland where they live in one of the most vibrant Jewish communities in the United States.

Over nearly two decades Rabbi Daniel Lapin and his wife, Susan, led the Southern California congregation they planted and where they met and married. After counseling crowds of young people through career crises, dating dilemmas, and marriage mysteries by applying ancient Jewish wisdom to solve contemporary problems, word of their work began spreading beyond their own community into both Jewish and Christian circles. Their bestselling seven books, daily television show, weekly podcast, and the resources they create make their inviting Bible-based approach to life's challenges accessible to people of every background. They are well-known speakers for Jewish, Christian, and business groups in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Korea, China, and throughout North America.

While Susan grew up in New York, Rabbi Daniel was born and spent his early childhood in South Africa. His parents, the distinguished Rabbi and Mrs. A. H. Lapin, dispatched him to England and Israel even before he turned thirteen to immerse him in Scripture. Though not a particularly studious young man to start with, he did eventually find himself intensely intrigued by Bible, economics, physics, and mathematics which he subsequently taught at Yeshiva College. As he puts it, "These disciplines explain how the world really works."