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The Happiness Index

Why Today's Employee Emotions Equal Tomorrow's Business Success

Phelan, Matt


1. Auflage September 2023
224 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-394-16660-2
John Wiley & Sons

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Learn to reconnect your brain and heart to find happiness and engagement at work and in life

In The Happiness Index: Why Today's Emotions Equal Tomorrow's Business Success, cofounder and CEO of The Happiness Index Matthew Phelan delivers a fascinating dive into data from over 100 countries and 2 million human beings that helps us understand what really drives our engagement and happiness at work. Grounded in an evidence-based and neuroscientific approach, the book skips the memes and inspirational quotes in favor of data and insights based on real-time information from real people.

In the book, you'll learn that "engagement" is what our brains need, and "happiness" is what our hearts need. You'll discover what we need to thrive and succeed in work and life, as well as:
* A step-by-step approach to learning from real-world data about happiness
* Practical lessons applicable to any organization that will help both individuals and groups succeed
* Case studies from recognizable firms around the world and interviews with executives to help bring the data to life

A simultaneously inspirational and hands-on treatment of a subject of singular importance to everyone in the working world, The Happiness Index will benefit executives, managers, and other business leaders, as well as founders, business owners, and anyone else interested in helping the people around them flourish.

Acknowledgments ix

Foreword xiii

Chapter 1 Introduction 1

Chapter 2 The Crossroads of Change 17

Chapter 3 Employee Engagement and Happiness 35

Chapter 4 Emotions as Data Points 49

Chapter 5 Psychological Safety 73

Chapter 6 Freedom 87

Chapter 7 Feelings of Acknowledgment 97

Chapter 8 Positive Relationships 109

Chapter 9 Aligned Meaning and Purpose 125

Chapter 10 Opportunities for Growth 137

Chapter 11 Clarity 147

Chapter 12 Enablement to Succeed 159

Chapter 13 Humanity and a Thriving Culture 171

Chapter 14 Freedom to Be Human 189

About the Author 199

Index 201
Matt Phelan is the Co-founder and CEO of The Happiness Index. He's an expert on the future of work and how data can help us improve the world of work. Matthew also hosts the Happiness and Humans podcast, authored Freedom to be Happy: The Business Case for Happiness, and founded The Happiness and Humans Community.

M. Phelan, The Happiness Index