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Mergers & Acquisitions For Dummies

Snow, Bill


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ISBN: 978-1-394-16950-4
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Explore M&A, in simple terms

Mergers & Acquisitions For Dummies provides useful techniques and real-world advice for anyone involved with - or thinking of becoming involved with - transactional work. Whether you are a transactions pro, a service provider tangentially involved in transactions, or a student thinking of becoming an investment banker, this book will provide the insights and knowledge that will help you become successful. Business owners and executives will also find this book helpful, not only when they want to buy or sell a company, but if they want to learn more about what improves a company's value. The evaluation process used by M&A professionals to transact a business sale is often quite different from the processes used by owners and executives to manage those businesses.
In plain English terms that anyone can understand, this book details the step-by-step M&A process, describes different types of transactions, demonstrates various ways to structure a deal, defines methods to identify and contact targets, provides insights on how to finance transactions, reveals what helps and hurts a company's valuation, offers negotiating tips, explains how to perform due diligence, analyzes the purchase agreement, and discloses methods to help ensure the combined companies are successfully integrated. If you're getting involved with a merger or an acquisition, this book will help you gain a thorough understanding of what the heck is going on. Updates to this second edition include quality of earnings reports, representation and warranty insurance, how to hire investment bankers, changes to the offering documents, the rise of family offices, and the ubiquity of adjusted EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization) as a basis for valuation.
* Understand the merger and acquisition process in a simple, easy-to-understand manner
* Learn the nomenclature and terminology needed to talk and act like a player
* Determine how to hire the people who will help you conduct M&A deals
* Discover tips on how to successfully negotiate transactions

Mergers & Acquisitions For Dummies is a great choice for business owners and executives, students, service providers, and anyone interested in M&A transactions.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Planning to Do a Transaction 9

Chapter 1: Explaining Mergers and Acquisitions 11

Chapter 2: Learning M&A Rules and Decorum 27

Chapter 3: Utilizing the M&A Process 37

Chapter 4: Making Sense of the Economics of M&A 43

Chapter 5: Finding Buyers and Sellers 67

Part 2: Marketing the Transaction 101

Chapter 6: Explaining and Influencing Valuation 103

Chapter 7: Creating and Reviewing an Offering Document 129

Chapter 8: Reading and Writing the Offers 161

Part 3: Selling the Transaction 177

Chapter 9: Selecting Advisors 179

Chapter 10: Hiring an Investment Banker 193

Chapter 11: Arranging Meetings Between Buyer and Seller 207

Chapter 12: Financing the Transaction 219

Chapter 13: Learning How to Negotiate Successfully 245

Part 4: Concluding and Combining 267

Chapter 14: Confirming Due Diligence 269

Chapter 15: Documenting the Transaction 283

Chapter 16: Closing and Integrating the Acquisition 293

Chapter 17: Ensuring a Successful Acquisition 309

Part 5: The Part of Tens 325

Chapter 18: Ten Transaction Pitfalls 327

Chapter 19: Ten Reasons Acquisitions Fail 331

Chapter 20: Ten Lurking Problems for Sellers 335 Index 339
Bill Snow is a noted authority on mergers and acquisitions who has represented buyers and sellers in a multitude of industries. He speaks regularly at events, panels, professional groups, executive forums, and college classes, and is registered with FINRA as an investment banking representative.