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The Battle for Your Computer

Israel and the Growth of the Global Cyber-Security Industry

Arvatz, Alon


1. Auflage September 2023
320 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-394-17415-7
John Wiley & Sons

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Discover the extraordinary realities of the world's most advanced cybersecurity companies and tech

In The Battle for Your Computer: Israel and the Growth of the Global Cyber-Security Industry, Israeli Defense Force (IDF) cyberwarfare veteran and tech product leader Alon Arvatz examines the "why" and the "how" of the extraordinarily strong connection between Israel's elite cyber military unit and that country's booming offensive and defensive cybersecurity industry. In the book, you'll explore the central role played by Israel in the global fight for cybersecurity supremacy.

Featuring interviews with some of the world's leading cybersecurity professionals and leaders, The Battle for Your Computer explains how the IDF's "Unit 8200" became the globe's most fruitful incubator of cyber technologies. You'll also find:
* Explanations of how the technologies that protect your own computers at home and at work probably began their lives in IDF personnel or equipment
* The stories of the men and women working to protect Israel and how they pivoted to protecting her technology against attack
* Answers to fascinating questions like: How does an offensive cyber company decide to whom to sell its tech?

An endlessly engrossing take on an equally engrossing subject, The Battle for Your Computer is a must-read for laypeople and cyber experts alike.



Section 1: What is Cybersecurity?

Chapter 1: The New Gold--Cybersecurity 101

Chapter 2: The Keyboard War--How Global Militaries Exploited the New Domain

Chapter 3: "Hello, It's Me, a Nigerian Prince"--New Crime

Chapter 4: The New Money--Catalysts of Cybercrime

Section 2: Cybernation

Chapter 5: The Pioneer--The Story of Checkpoint

Chapter 6: The Love Letter That Leaked--From Personal Security to Systems Security

Chapter 7: From Security to Defense--The Cyber "Iron Dome"

Chapter 8: The Best Cyberdefense--"Daddy, What Do You Do?"

Chapter 9: From Crisis to Crisis--Israeli Cyber Grows Up

Section 3: Offensive Cybersecurity

Chapter 10: Reaching Through the Darkness: NSO and Zero-Click Disruption

Chapter 11: In the Right Hands--the Israeli Companies that Stretched the Boundaries of Possibility

Chapter 12: Criticism of Offensive Cybertechnology

Chapter 13: Selling to the Good Guys --Regulation, Self-Criticism, and "Clean" Offensive Cybertechnology

Section 4: Building a Cyberstate

Chapter 13: The Israeli Silicon Valley--Small State, Big Data

Chapter 14: Unit 8200--Secrets of the IDF's Success

Chapter 15: A Professor and a Hacker--Academia and Cybersecurity

Chapter 16: Free Hand or Bear Hug--The State's Role in the World of Innovation

Chapter 17: Small and Nimble--Being a Small Island-Nation in the Middle East is Not Such a Bad Start

Chapter 18: "Bro"--What Makes Israel's Culture an Incubator of Cybersecurity Innovation?

Chapter 19: The Cybersecurity Industry Snowball Effect--Elements of the Israeli Ecosystem

Conclusion: Where Is Everything Going?

The Ten Commandments of the Budding Entrepreneur


ALON ARVATZ is a veteran of the Israel Defense Force's elite cyber unit called "Unit 8200." He is the CEO and Co-founder at PointFive and one of the leading entrepreneurs, angel investors, and tech leaders in Israel's cyber industry.