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CompTIA DataSys+ Study Guide

Exam DS0-001

Chapple, Mike / Nijim, Sharif


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368 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-394-18005-9
John Wiley & Sons

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Your all-in-one guide to preparing for the CompTIA DataSys+ exam

In CompTIA DataSys+ Study Guide: Exam DS0-001, a team of accomplished IT experts delivers a practical and hands-on roadmap to succeeding on the challenging DS0-001 exam and in a new or existing career as a data systems professional. In the book, you'll explore the essentials of databases, their deployment, management, maintenance, security, and more.

Whether you're preparing for your first attempt at the CompTIA DataSys+ exam or for your first day on the job at a new database-related IT position, this book walks you through the foundational and intermediate skills you need to have to succeed. It covers every objective tested by the DS0-001 and skills commonly required in the real-world.

You'll also find:
* Practice test questions that measure your readiness for the real exam and your ability to handle the challenges of a new data systems position
* Examples and scenarios drawn from real life, as well as challenging chapter review questions
* Complimentary access to Sybex's interactive online learning environment and test bank, accessible from multiple devices, and including electronic flashcards and a searchable glossary, all supported by Wiley's support agents who are available 24x7 via email or live chat to assist with access and login questions

Perfect for anyone getting ready to write the DS0-001 certification exam, CompTIA DataSys+ Study Guide: Exam DS0-001 is also an essential resource for everyone seeking the foundational knowledge and skills required to move into a database administrator role.

Introduction xxi

Assessment Test xxviii

Chapter 1 Today's Data Systems Professional 1

Data Drives the Modern Business 2

Data 3

Storage 3

Computing Power 5

Data Systems 5

Database Fundamentals 6

Database Deployment 7

Database Management and Maintenance 8

Data and Database Security 8

Business Continuity 9

Careers in Data Systems 10

Summary 11

Chapter 2 Database Fundamentals 13

Types of Databases 14

The Relational Model 14

Relational Databases 18

Nonrelational Databases 22

Linear vs. Nonlinear Format 27

NoSQL Database Tools 28

Programming and Database Operations 29

Object- Relational Mapping 30

Process to Gauge Impact 31

Summary 33

Exam Essentials 34

Review Questions 36

Chapter 3 SQL and Scripting 41

Flavors of SQL 42

Data Definition Language 43

Data Manipulation Language 46

Set- Based Logic 50

Transaction Control Languages 54

ACID Principles 58

SQL 58

Programmatic SQL 59

SQL and Set-Based Logic 68

Automating Operations 72

Script Purpose and Runtime Location 74

Languages 75

Command- Line Scripting 76

Summary 77

Exam Essentials 79

Review Questions 81

Chapter 4 Database Deployment 87

Planning and Design 88

Requirements Gathering 88

Database Architecture 99

Schema Design 106

Design Documentation 116

Implementation, Testing, and Deployment 121

Acquisition of Assets 121

Phases of Deployment 122

Database Connectivity 122

Testing 127

Database Validation 135

Summary 139

Exam Essentials 140

Review Questions 142

Chapter 5 Database Management and Maintenance 147

Monitoring and Reporting 148

System Alerts and Notifications 149

Log Files 157

Deadlock Monitoring 158

Connections and Sessions 159

Maintenance 160

Database Stability 160

Database Performance 163

Database Reliability 168

Facilitating Operations 172

Data Management Tasks 180

Data Management 181

Summary 189

Exam Essentials 191

Review Questions 193

Chapter 6 Governance, Security, and Compliance 199

Data Governance 200

Data Governance Roles 200

Access Requirements 201

Data Retention 206

Identity and Access Management 207

Identification, Authentication, and Authorization 207

Authentication Techniques 208

Password Policies 209

Account Types 211

Data Security 212

Protecting Data at Rest 213

Protecting Data in Transit 213

Data Loss Prevention 216

Data Classification 217

Personally Identifiable Information 217

Protected Health Information 218

Payment Card Information 220

Regional Requirements 221

Breach Reporting Requirements 222

Routine Auditing 223

Expired Accounts 223

Connection Requests 223

SQL Code 224

Credential Storage Checks 224

Summary 225

Exam Essentials 225

Review Questions 227

Chapter 7 Database Security 231

Database Infrastructure Security 232

Physical Security 232

Logical Security 237

Database Attacks 242

SQL Injection 242

Denial of Service 248

On- Path Attacks 249

Malware 250

Phishing 253

Password Attacks 255

Summary 255

Exam Essentials 256

Review Questions 258

Chapter 8 Business Continuity 265

The Nature of Disaster 266

Natural Disasters 266

Human-Made Disasters 272

Disaster Recovery Planning 275

Prioritizing Disaster Recovery Efforts 275

Disaster Recovery Documentation 277

Disaster Recovery Technology 280

Disaster Recovery Plan Testing 285

Lessons Learned 287

Plan Maintenance 288

Backup and Restore 288

Summary 292

Exam Essentials 293

Review Questions 294

Appendix Answers to Review Questions 299

Chapter 2: Database Fundamentals 300

Chapter 3: SQL and Scripting 301

Chapter 4: Database Deployment 304

Chapter 5: Database Management and Maintenance 309

Chapter 6: Governance, Security, and Compliance 312

Chapter 7: Database Security 314

Chapter 8: Business Continuity 316

Index 319

Mike Chapple, PhD, Security+, CySA+, CISSP, is Teaching Professor of Information Technology, Analytics, and Operations at Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business. He is a bestselling author of over 30 books and serves as the Academic Director of the University's Master of Science in Business Analytics program. He holds multiple additional certifications, including the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), CompTIA Data+, CIPP/US (Certified Information Privacy Professional), CompTIA PenTest+, and CompTIA Security+. Mike provides IT certification resources at his website,

Sharif Nijim is an Associate Teaching Professor of IT, Analytics, and Operations at Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business, where he also serves as the Academic co-Director of the residential Master of Science in Business Analytics program. Prior to Notre Dame, Sharif co-founded and served on the board of a customer data integration company serving the airline industry.

M. Chapple, University of Notre Dame, IN; S. Nijim, University of Notre Dame, IN