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Mythology For Dummies

Blackwell, Amy Hackney / Blackwell, Christopher W.


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ISBN: 978-1-394-18793-5
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Discover (or rediscover!) history's greatest myths and legends

From Grendel and Beowulf to Poseidon, Medusa, and Hercules, the gods, monsters, and heroes of mythology are endlessly weird and fascinating. And if you're looking for a helpful companion to this wild collection of creatures, humans, and deities, you've found it! Mythology For Dummies delivers the straight goods on history's most popular myths, helping you make sense of even the most complicated ancient stories.

You'll learn about the origins of your favorite myths, their cultural impact, and more. Discover:
* The coolest mythological characters, including intrepid Odysseus, the volatile gods of Mount Olympus, and Thor and Loki
* How ancient mythology intersects with our daily lives in pop culture, high culture, and everything in between
* Mythological destinations, like Atlantis, and famous sites from Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology

An engrossing guide to some of the most enduring and interesting tales from throughout history, Mythology For Dummies serves up the inside scoop on almost every myth or legend you'd care to learn more about.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Mythology Basics and Why the Stories Endure 5

Chapter 1: The Truth About Myths 7

Chapter 2: Ancient Myths in Modern Culture: The Legacy 19

Part 2: Thunder and Lightning: Greek Mythology 29

Chapter 3: Greek Creation Myths and Really Ancient Greek Gods 31

Chapter 4: Taller, Younger, and Better Looking Than You: The Olympian Gods 45

Chapter 5: The Fairest and Meanest of Them All: The Greek Goddesses 61

Chapter 6: So Fine and Half Divine: Heroes 77

Chapter 7: The Trojan War, the Iliad, and the Odyssey 95

Chapter 8: Of Chorus They're so Dramatic: Greek Tragedy 115

Part 3: The Cultural Spoils of an Empire: Roman Mythology 131

Chapter 9: Will the Real Roman Mythology Please Stand Up? 133

Chapter 10: Virgil's Aeneid and the Founding of Rome 149

Chapter 11: Time to Change Things Up: Ovid's Metamorphoses 159

Part 4: One Big Family Feud: Norse and Northern European Mythology 169

Chapter 12: Snow, Ice, and Not Very Nice: Norse Deities 171

Chapter 13: Heroes and Monsters: The Big Northern European Sagas 189

Chapter 14: A Seat at the Round Table: King Arthur and His Court 201

Chapter 15: Myths from the Emerald Isle: Ireland and Celtic Mythology 217

Part 5: The Cradle(s) of Civilization: African and Near-Eastern Mythology 225

Chapter 16: Central and Southern Africa: The Bantu's Eternal Earth and Sly Animals 227

Chapter 17: Floods, Mud, and Gods: Mesopotamian and Hebrew Mythology 235

Chapter 18: Three Cheers for Egypt: Ra, Ra, Ra! 249

Chapter 19: North African Mythology: A Real Melting Pot 261

Chapter 20: One Thousand Tales: Persian Mythology 269

Part 6: Kashmir to Kyoto, and a Lot in Between: South- and East Asian Mythology 279

Chapter 21: Land of a Thousand Gods: India 281

Chapter 22: Get out the Fine China: Early Chinese Myth and the Three Teachings 293

Chapter 23: Japan: Myths from the Land of the Rising Sun 305

Part 7: "New World"? Says Who? Mythology of the Americas 317

Chapter 24: Central and South American Mythology: Civilizations, Cities, and Ball Games 319

Chapter 25: Sea to Sea, and Lots of Animals in Between: Indigenous Myths of North America 333

Part 8: The Part of Tens 349

Chapter 26: Ten Mythological Monsters 351

Chapter 27: Ten (Plus One) Mythological Places 357

Index 365
Amy Hackney Blackwell, PhD, has spent her career producing educational content on science, history, and the law.

Christopher W. Blackwell, PhD, is the Louis G. Forgione University Professor of Classics at Furman University.