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The Complete Trading System

How to Develop a Mindset, Maximize Profitability, and Own Your Market Success

Stubbs, Casey


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256 Seiten, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-1-394-18812-3
John Wiley & Sons

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Raise your trading game by incorporating lessons from outside the financial markets

In The Complete Trading System: How to Develop a Mindset, Maximize Profitability, and Own Your Market Success, veteran trading strategist Casey Stubbs delivers a comprehensive and holistic guide to making money in the financial markets. In the book, the author presents an insightful framework for focusing your entire lifestyle on the art of trading and for harmonizing the different components of your trading strategy.

You'll learn to set the foundations for successful trading and develop your mindset into one that's capable of dominating the markets. You'll also discover:
* A deep understanding of how markets move and what that says about what's going on behind the scenes
* Leverage momentum to find accurate and powerful entries and exploit market flow and key levels to get an edge on bank traders
* Use candlestick and chart patterns to obtain confirmation and improve confidence in your trades

An essential resource for market participants and day traders, The Complete Trading System is a singular and incisive roadmap to improving your risk-adjusted returns in the financial markets.

Introduction 1

Part I: Critical Foundations for Successful Trading 7

Chapter 1: The Foundations for Successful Trading 9

Chapter 2: Mindset: Developing the Mental Game to Dominate in the Markets 25

Chapter 3: How Markets Work: Knowing This Gives You an Edge 53

Part II: Technical Trading of the Market 73

Chapter 4: Trend Trading to Get High- Probability Setups 75

Chapter 5: Support and Resistance Level Trading Strategy 91

Chapter 6: Candlestick and Chart Patterns to Give Confirmation and Confidence to Your Trading 105

Chapter 7: How to Trade with Indicators Using These Tools to Get Laser- Targeted on Your Entry 121

Part III: Implement Your Trading Strategy And Achieve Your Goals 141

Chapter 8: Daily Trading Process to Create High Performance and Consistency 143

Chapter 9: How to Form a Daily Trade Plan: Preparing for Market Success 155

Chapter 10: How to Find Entries: High Performance with Everything Working Together 161

Chapter 11: Risk Management Strategy for Trading Mastery 177

Chapter 12: Creating a Road Map for Massive Success 193

Part IV: Maximizing Profits 203

Chapter 13: Profit- Maximizing Strategy 205

About the Author 225

Acknowledgments 227

Index 229
CASEY STUBBS is the host of the popular podcast "How To Trade It," where he shares his insights and expertise in the world of trading. In addition to his podcast, Casey is also the founder of, a website that offers a variety of trading strategies and resources for traders of all levels. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Casey has a wealth of knowledge to share with his audience, and his podcast and website are widely considered to be among the most valuable resources for traders looking to improve their skills and increase their chances of success in the markets.