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College Research Papers For Dummies

Giampalmi, Joe


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Get ready to take on your first college research paper like a pro

Just got assigned your first college research paper? Don't sweat it! College Research Papers For Dummies has your back with the perfect companion to these not-as-hard-as-they-look assignments. Discover how to research, argue, problem-solve, analyze, and synthesize your way through even the densest material. Find out how to best revise and rework your paper until it's a polished gem. Plus, get some quick tips on higher-level research papers, such as literature reviews and white papers.
* Accurately cite references using APA, MLA, and Chicago styles
* Take advantage of all the resources available to you as you write your first research paper, from your university's library databases to your local college center's support services
* Develop common research paper writing techniques, including argumentation, research questions, and thesis statements

Don't wait until the night before your paper is due! Grab a copy of College Research Papers For Dummies today and ace that first research paper like we all know you can.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Laying a Foundation for Writing a Research Paper 5

Chapter 1: Understanding Expectations: College Research Papers 7

Chapter 2: Certifying Consistency: Documentation Styles 19

Chapter 3: Preventing Plagiarism: Endorsing Academic Integrity 33

Chapter 4: Fulfilling Requirements: Research Papers and Portfolios 49

Part 2: Building Essentials of Research 61

Chapter 5: Managing Information: Gathering and Organizing Sources 63

Chapter 6: Evaluating and Preparing Sources 87

Chapter 7: Going on the Offensive: From Evidence to Argument 107

Chapter 8: Citing Sources and Finalizing Recognition 119

Chapter 9: Classifying College Research Writing 145

Part 3: Developing Essentials of Research Writing 167

Chapter 10: Identifying Audience and Purpose 169

Chapter 11: Writing with Style 187

Chapter 12: Reviewing Fundamentals: Grammar and Conventions 207

Chapter 13: Focusing on Appearance: Formatting 227

Part 4: Writing Research Papers 245

Chapter 14: Planning and Organizing Research Writing 247

Chapter 15: Creating Draft One 267

Chapter 16: Identifying Required and Optional Headings 285

Chapter 17: Revising and Editing in Three Layers 301

Chapter 18: Finalizing before Sending: Checking the Presentation 323

Part 5: The Part of Tens 337

Chapter 19: Ten Common Problems and How to Fix Them 339

Chapter 20: Ten Resources for Improving Research Writing 347

Index 353
Joe Giampalmi, EdD, is a hall-of-fame educator who's been teaching students to use active voice, Oxford commas, and supporting arguments for more than five decades. He is the author of APA Style & Citations For Dummies and College Writing For Dummies.