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Revit 2024 for Architecture

No Experience Required

Wing, Eric


3. Auflage Dezember 2023
944 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-394-19329-5
John Wiley & Sons

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The latest and most authoritative version of the popular step-by-step tutorial for Revit Architecture

The newly revised third edition of Revit 2024 for Architecture: No Experience Required is the latest update to the market-leading, real-world guide for learning and building with Revit--the powerful and sophisticated Building Information Modeling (BIM) software used by professionals around the world.

This popular, user-friendly book teaches you the Revit interface and helps you understand the foundational concepts and features of the software. You'll learn to design, document, and present a 3D BIM project with a continuous, step-by-step tutorial that guides you through every phase of the project: from placing walls, doors, windows, structural elements, dimensions, and text, to generating documentation, advanced detailing, site grading, construction scheduling, material takeoffs, and more.

In addition, this book helps you prepare for the Autodesk Revit Architecture Certification Exam. Throughout the book, you will find helpful insights directly related to the exam. The last two chapters are dedicated entirely to the exam with a practice test at the end of the book.

You'll also:
* Learn each phase of designing, documenting, and presenting a four-story office building using a simple yet engaging continuous tutorial
* Follow the tutorial sequentially or jump to any chapter by downloading the project files from the Sybex website
* Use the start-to-finish tutorial project as a reference for your own real-world projects and to develop a powerful Revit skillset
* Gain thorough knowledge of Revit's essential concepts and features to make the move from 2D drafting to 3D building information modeling
* Get up to speed with advanced features, including new coverage of advanced walls, families, sites, topography, and more

The Autodesk Revit 2024 for Architecture: No Experience Required, 3rd Edition, is the go-to guide for professionals and students seeking to learn Revit's essential functions quickly and effectively.

Introduction xxiii

Chapter 1 The Autodesk Revit World 1

The Revit Interface 1

The Revit Workflow 4

Using the Ribbon 6

The View Window 12

Object Selection 16

Modifying and Mirroring 17

Building on Existing Geometry 20

View Control and Object Display 22

The Project Browser 31

Views 33

File Types and Families 36

System and Hosted Families (.rfa) 37

Using Revit Template Files (.rte) 42

Using Revit Family Files (.rft) 43

Are You Experienced? 44

Now you can 44

Chapter 2 Creating a Model 45

Placing Walls 45

Adding Exterior Walls 45

Using Reference Planes 46

Adding More Walls 49

Adding Interior Walls 60

Using Temporary Dimensions to Gain Control of Your Model 62

Editing Wall Joins 82

Displaying Wall Joins 87

Disallowing Wall Joins 89

Adding Doors and Windows 94

Adding Doors 94

Placing Openings in Your Walls 100

Adding Windows 103

Are You Experienced? 110

Now you can 110

Chapter 3 Creating Views 111

Creating Levels 111

Adding Levels 114

Understanding the Composition of a Level 117

Making Other Level Adjustments 122

Creating and Modifying Building Sections 130

Adding a Building Section 130

Making Building Modifications in a Section 137

Adding Wall Sections 144

Creating Detail Sections 146

Using Crop Regions 149

Splitting a Section Segment 151

Creating Callouts 153

Creating and Modifying a Camera View 160

Adding a Camera View 160

Modifying the Camera 163

Creating an Elevation 164

Interior Elevations 168

Elevation Properties 172

Annotation Properties 174

Are You Experienced? 175

Now you can 175

Chapter 4 Working with the Autodesk Revit Tools 177

The Basic Edit Commands 178

The Move Command 178

The Copy Command 180

The Rotate Command 182

The Array Command 187

Radial Array 187

Linear Array 191

The Mirror Command 197

The Align Tool 201

The Split Element Command 205

The Trim/Extend Command 213

The Offset Command 216

Copy/Paste 219

Creating the Plans 221

Are You Experienced? 226

Now you can 226

Chapter 5 Dimensioning and Annotating 229

Dimensioning 229

Aligned Dimensions 230

Linear Dimensions 241

Angular Dimensions 243

Radial Dimensions 244

Arc Length Dimensions 246

Using Dimensions as a Layout Tool 248

Constraining the Model 253

Using Dimensions to Move Objects 257

Using Dimension Text Overrides 260

Placing Text and Annotations 264

Adding Leader Text 267

Changing the Leader Type 268

Modifying the Text Placement 269

Are You Experienced? 271

Now you can 271

Chapter 6 Floors 273

Placing a Floor Slab 273

Creating the Slab 274

Sketching the Slab 278

Building a Floor by Layers 287

Adding Materials 288

Adding a Layer 290

Pitching a Floor to a Floor Drain 299

Using the Shape Editing tools 309

Creating Shaft Openings 315

Are You Experienced? 320

Now you can 320

Chapter 7 Roofs 323

Placing Roofs by Footprint 323

Flat Roofs by Footprint 324

Pitched Roofs by Footprint 340

Creating a Sloping Roof 352

Creating Roofs by Extrusion 357

Adding a Roof Dormer 368

Are You Experienced? 372

Now you can 372

Chapter 8 Structural Items 375

Adding Structural Grids 375

Placing a Grid 376

Adding Structural Columns 388

Using Structural Framing 395

Adding a Beam System 400

Adding Bracing 403

Understanding Foundation Systems 410

Adding Structural Footings 414

Structural Slabs 416

Piers and Spread Footings 420

Are You Experienced? 426

Now you can 426

Chapter 9 Ceilings and Interiors 427

Creating Ceilings 427

Modifying Ceiling Grids 432

Setting Ceiling Element Properties 433

Creating a Plan Region 438

Creating a Custom Ceiling 440

Creating Ceiling Openings and Soffits 446

Creating a Ceiling Opening 446

Creating a Soffit 447

Adding Light Fixtures to Ceilings 456

Adding Interior Design 460

Adding Plumbing Fixtures and Furniture 461

Adding Parabolic Troffers 468

Adding Casework and Furniture 472

Adding Additional Floor Materials 483

Cutting and Adding the Floor 483

Creating a Tile Material 485

Are You Experienced? 490

Now you can 490

Chapter 10 Stairs, Ramps, and Railings 493

Creating Stairs by Using the Rise/Run Function 493

Modifying Boundaries 498

Configuring Railings 506

Creating a Winding Staircase 517

Stair and Railing Families 532

Creating a Custom Railing System 537

Creating Custom Stairs 542

Adding a Custom Landing 547

Adding a Gooseneck 548

Adding Ramps 556

Are You Experienced? 563

Now you can 563

Chapter 11 Detailing 565

Working with Line Weights 565

Drafting on Top of the Detail 569

Using Predefined Detail Components 569

Materials 571

Repeating Details 573

Modifying a Detail Component 577

Modifying Filled Regions 579

Specifying Drafting Line Weights 598

Adding Notes 600

Adding Textual Notations 600

Creating Blank Drafting Views 602

Creating a Detail Group 611

Adding a Section to Another View 617

Importing AutoCAD Files into a Drafting View 619

Adding 2D and 3D Lines to the Model 620

Are You Experienced? 622

Now you can 622

Chapter 12 Creating Specific Views and Match Lines 625

Duplicating Views 625

Creating Dependent Views 628

Adjusting the Crop Regions 630

Adjusting the Annotation Crop Region 633

Adding Match Lines 635

Match- Line Appearance 635

Adding View References to a Match Line 636

Using View Templates 640

Are You Experienced? 640

Now you can 640

Chapter 13 Creating Sheets and Printing 643

Creating and Populating Sheets 643

Sheet Organization 646

Modifying a Viewport 654

Viewport Properties 660

Adding Revisions to a Sheet 661

Addressing Project Information 665

Generating a Cover Sheet 667

Printing from Revit Architecture 674

Are You Experienced? 679

Now you can 679

Chapter 14 Creating Rooms and Area Plans 681

Creating Rooms 681

Configuring Properties 686

Placing and Manipulating Room Tags 690

Adding a Room Schedule 692

Adding a Color- Fill Plan 697

Adding Room Separators 700

Creating an Area Plan 701

Are You Experienced? 706

Now you can 706

Chapter 15 Advanced Wall Topics 707

Creating Compound Walls 707

Adding Layers to the Compound Wall 710

Adding Wall Sweeps 716

Modifying a Wall's Profile in Place 722

Manually Adding Host Sweeps 727

Creating Stacked Walls 733

Creating Curtain Walls 738

Adding a Predefined Curtain Wall 738

Adding a Blank Curtain Wall 741

Creating Curtain Grids 744

Are You Experienced? 752

Now you can 752

Chapter 16 Schedules and Tags 755

Creating Schedules 755

Adding Fields to a Schedule 756

Sorting and Grouping 759

Controlling Headers 761

Modifying Elements in a Schedule 763

Modifying the Schedule's Appearance 765

Creating Material Takeoffs 770

Creating a Calculated Value Field 774

Creating Key Legends 780

Adding Legend Components 780

Adding Tags 783

Adding Tags Individually 784

Using the Tag All Command 786

Tagging by Material 788

Using Multi- Category Tags 791

Keynoting 794

Keynoting by Element 794

Are You Experienced? 798

Now you can 798

Chapter 17 Rendering and Presentation 799

Creating an Interior Rendering 799

Creating Lighting Groups 806

Creating Walkthroughs 810

Exporting an Animation 817

Creating a Solar Study 818

Are You Experienced? 820

Now you can 820

Chapter 18 Creating Families 821

Creating a Basic Family 821

Adding Reference Planes to a Family 822

Adding Dimensions and Parameters to a Family 825

The Type Properties Dialog 830

Using Mathematical Expressions to Create an Arched Door 838

Creating 3D Sweeps in a Family 846

Creating a Casing Sweep 855

Creating an In- Place Family 869

Are You Experienced? 872

Now you can 872

Chapter 19 Project Management 873

Managing Project Phasing 873

Examining Graphic Overrides 878

Activating and Explaining Worksharing 879

Creating a Central Model 882

Creating a Local File 887

Loading or Not Loading a Workset during Open 889

Are You Experienced? 890

Now you can 890

Index 891
Eric Wing lives in Syracuse NY where he is the Director of BIM Services for C&S Companies, and is a popular speaker at events around the world speaking on many topics.

Eric is also an author for LinkedIn Learning where he has authored over 70 full courses.

Eric has truly been a leader in the AEC industry for over 25 years, and works on multi-scale multi-disciplinary projects daily. He is also currently a Professor at Syracuse University teaching BIM and Advanced BIM at the School of Architecture, and at the School of Engineering.