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Human Geography For Dummies

Tredinnick, Kyle


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400 Seiten, Softcover
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ISBN: 978-1-394-20827-2
John Wiley & Sons

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Your map to understanding human geography

Human Geography For Dummies introduces you to the ideas and perspectives encompassed by the field of human geography, and makes a great supplement to human geography courses in high school or college. So what is human geography? It's not about drawing maps all over your body (although you're welcome to do that if you want--no judgment). Human geography explores the relationship between humans and their natural environment, tracking the broad social patterns that shape human societies. Inside, you'll learn about immigration, urbanization, globalization, empire and political expansion, and economic systems, to name a few. This learner-friendly Dummies guide explains all the key concepts clearly and succinctly.
* Find out how location and geography impact population, culture, economics, and politics
* Learn about contemporary issues in human migration, health, and global peace and stability
* Get a clear understanding of all the key concepts covered in your introductory human geography class
* Understand how society got to where it is, and get a glimpse into potential changes in the future

Human Geography For Dummies is perfect for students who need additional study materials or simplified explanations. It's also a fun read for anyone curious about the comings and goings of people on this planet of ours.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Introduction to Human Geography 7

Chapter 1: Welcome to Human Geography 9

Chapter 2: The History of Human Geography 19

Chapter 3: The Five Themes of Geography 33

Chapter 4: The Philosophies of Geography 43

Part 2: The Geography of Human Habitation 55

Chapter 5: Where Are the People? 57

Chapter 6: Where the People Aren't 75

Chapter 7: Where the People Are Going 93

Chapter 8: Why the People Are Going 113

Chapter 9: Where the People Are Concentrated 131

Chapter 10: Where People Live 153

Part 3: The Spatial Organization of Human Systems 169

Chapter 11: How a People Become a Culture 171

Chapter 12: How a Culture Spreads 189

Chapter 13: Establishing a State 209

Chapter 14: What a State Faces from Within 227

Chapter 15: Withstanding Outside Forces on a State 247

Part 4: The Spatial Organization of Human Economic Systems 263

Chapter 16: The People Need Food 265

Chapter 17: The People Need More Food 287

Chapter 18: The People Need Economic Opportunities 303

Chapter 19: The People Need Goods and Services 323

Chapter 20: The People Need a Healthy Environment 341

Part 5: The Part of Tens 361

Chapter 21: Ten Human Geography Careers 363

Chapter 22: Ten Places to Visit to See Human Geography in Action 369

Index 375
Kyle Tredinnick has taught geography courses in high schools in China, Minnesota, and Nebraska, as well as undergraduate and graduate courses in geography at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He has served on the board for the National Council for Geographic Education and is an AP Human Geography exam reader for the College Board.