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The Green and The Blue

Naive Ideas to Improve Politics in the Digital Age

Floridi, Luciano


1. Auflage November 2023
272 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-394-21874-5
John Wiley & Sons

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Presenting an array of innovative concepts to revolutionize politics in our digital world, this book is written by one of the most authoritative voices of contemporary philosophy

The Green and the Blue explores the opportunities presented by the digital age for combining green environmental policies with blue digital solutions to strengthen democracy, reform capitalism, and work toward a sustainable and equitable future. With an engaging and readable style, world-renowned philosopher Luciano Floridi lays out a timely and convincing case for embracing responsible practices to ensure a sustainable environment, a better democracy, and an equitable information society.

Drawing from his expertise in digital ethics and the philosophy of technology, Floridi offers fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and bold strategies for improving political systems that emphasize the importance of cooperation, ethics, and long-term planning. Throughout the text, the author advocates for a political and economic framework of care that focuses on the quality of relations and processes rather than consumption and things. A groundbreaking call to action for individuals, policymakers, and technologists, The Green and the Blue: Naive Ideas to Improve Politics in the Digital Age:
* Provides a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, and well-rounded exploration of how to improve the present by designing good policies for the future
* Features insightful analysis by the founder of the philosophy of information and one of the key interpreters of the digital revolution
* Explains complex concepts to allow easy understanding and application of the ideas presented
* Includes compelling thought experiments that challenge traditional notions of capitalism and politics
* Encourages readers to think critically about the present and future of politics

Offering a new way of thinking about democracy, the environment, and technology, The Green and the Blue: Naive Ideas to Improve Politics in the Digital Age is a must-read for undergraduate and graduate students, practitioners, and general readers who are seeking positive and sustainable change in the world of politics.

Preface vii

Acknowledgement x

Chapter 1: The Importance of Naive Ideas 1

Chapter 2: The Digital Revolution 9

Chapter 3: The Transition from Things to Relations 24

Chapter 4: The Infosphere 41

Chapter 5: Fake News 46

Chapter 6: Digital Time 49

Chapter 7: The Onlife Experience 56

Chapter 8: A Mature Information Society 65

Chapter 9: The Human Project 71

Chapter 10: From the Social Contract to a Universal Trust 79

Chapter 11: Infraethics 85

Chapter 12: Human Interfaces 93

Chapter 13: Human Dignity 100

Chapter 14: The Problem of Leisure Occupation 109

Chapter 15: Homo: Faber, Sapiens, Ludens, and Poieticus 120

Chapter 16: A Proxy Culture 128

Chapter 17: Politics as Marketing 135

Chapter 18: Digital Grey Power 142

Chapter 19: The Digital Gift Economy 148

Chapter 20: Structural Democracy 154

Chapter 21: Stealth Democracy 162

Chapter 22: Nomos and Paideia 169

Chapter 23: Digital Sovereignty 174

Chapter 24: Green and Blue for a Sustainable and Preferable Future 188

Chapter 25: The Value of Waste 198

Chapter 26: Climate Change and the Terrible Hope 202

Chapter 27: From Self-regulation to Legislation 207

Chapter 28: Hundred Political Theses for a Mature Information Society 212

Postscript - The Information Society in the Time of the Coronavirus 233

Acknowledgements 237

References 239

Index 244
LUCIANO FLORIDI is the Founding Director of the Digital Ethics Center and a Professor in the Cognitive Science Program at Yale University.

L. Floridi, Yale University