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The Humor Habit

Rewire Your Brain to Stress Less, Laugh More, and Achieve More'er

Osincup, Paul


1. Auflage April 2024
256 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-394-23435-6
John Wiley & Sons

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Discover and embrace the untapped power of your sense of humor

In The Humor Habit: Rewire Your Brain to Stress Less, Laugh More, and Achieve More'er, veteran speaker, corporate trainer, and comedian Paul Osincup delivers a hilarious and effective new take on how to make yourself and your team more productive and resilient by focusing on the funny side of work and life. In the book, you'll learn why humor isn't an in-born quality you're either born with or without. Instead, it's a habit you can develop over time.

You'll find 100 ways to have more fun at work, methods to improve your resilience in dealing with adversity, and an explanation of the author's "LAFTER" model that shows you how to leverage levity at work. You'll also discover:
* The latest insights from contemporary positive psychology combined with timeless comedic techniques that enhance your wellbeing
* Strategies to help you battle "chronic seriousness," a condition affecting virtually every professional, tradesperson, consultant, employee, manager, and business leader in the working world
* Ways to boost your team members' brainpower and productivity using humor

Perfect for managers, executives, team leads, directors, and other business leaders, The Humor Habit is the practical, hands-on guide to improved productivity that's actually fun to read--and even more fun to implement.

Foreword ix

Introduction 1

1 Combatting Chronic Seriousness 13

2 Let's Geek Out on the Research! (Why Humor Helps) 27

3 Improv(e) Your Mindset 41

4 Cultivate and Consume 57

5 Develop a Funny Focus 69

Bringing Humor to Work with L.A.F.T.E.R. 97

6 Lead by Example 99

7 Ask for Help 113

8 Fun over Funny 121

9 Tell Your Story 143

10 Earn It 161

11 Rituals 175

12 Take Your Pain and Play with It: Using Humor to Boost Resilience 183

Conclusion 207

Endnotes 209

Acknowledgments 223

About the Author 225

Index 227

"If you and all your coworkers read this book, you'd be dying to go back to the office." --Sarah Cooper, Comedian and bestselling author

"Both inspiring and practical, this book shows how corporations can harness the power of humor to enhance productivity, spark joy, and boost resilience." --Katelyn Johnson, Director of Integrated Health Benefits, Cisco

"We don't always think about humor when it comes to well-being, but the connection is undeniable, and we could all stand to laugh a little more. The Humor Habit is a well-researched and funny guide for maximizing the benefits of humor and fun!" --Emily Sharpe, Living Well Program Director, TIAA

"Since reading Paul's book, my life has had less stress and more laughter, but I never thought I could achieve more'er. Some books may help you be the bestest or succesier but more'er is the greatiest you can get. I should never have been allowed to write this. Read this book. You will be glad you did!" --David Nihill, Author, Do You Talk Funny?, Founder, FunnyBizz Conference, and Internationally Touring Comedian

"Paul Osincup's book makes humor a trainable life skill to be more comfortable in your own skin--and nvite others to do the same. The Humor Habit is packed with tactical tips and skills to be a happier, healthier, more fun and likeable you. I loved it!" --Joe Burton, Founder and CEO of Whil and former President of Headspace

"A funny, yet practical guide that is a must-read for busy professionals who can benefit from some levity at the workplace. Life is too short!" --Neeraj Aggarwal, Managing Director and Senior Partner, Asia-Pacific at The Boston Consulting Group
Paul Osincup is a comedian and humor strategist who equips people with tools to create happier, healthier, and more productive places to work. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, professional associations, healthcare organizations, and government agencies.