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Conservation Social Science

Understanding People, Conserving Biodiversity

Miller, Daniel C. / Scales, Ivan R. / Mascia, Michael B. (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage März 2023
384 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-4443-3757-0
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While much of the decision-making for implementing conservation strategies requires the input of ecologists, the success of that implementation requires input primarily from the social sciences. People and their behavior is at the heart of all conservation effort. This groundbreaking textbook explains how the various social sciences contribute to biodiversity conservation planning and implementation. With chapters on human geography, economics, political science, psychology, and sociology, the book concludes with a new conservation paradigm.

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Groundbreaking book that examines the essential contribution of the social sciences to understanding and conserving biodiversity across the globe

Authored by leading scholars at the nexus of social science and biodiversity conservation, Conservation Social Science addresses the growing realization that biodiversity conservation is, at heart, a social phenomenon. Threats to biological diversity are influenced by a wide range of political, economic and cultural factors. The conservation of biodiversity is conceived and carried out by people. Biodiversity conservation is a manifestation of human beliefs and values. Choices about which species and habitats to conserve, how to prioritize efforts, and how to conserve them are inherently social - with consequences not just for wildlife but also human lives and livelihoods.

Key topics covered in this thought-provoking text include:
* An introduction to key social science disciplines and how each field specifically relates to biodiversity conservation
* How to make social sciences an integral part of conservation strategies and initiatives
* How social science theories and analytic approaches can explain and help predict patterns of human behavior
* How biodiversity conservation as a ubiquitous societal phenomenon can provide insights into human society in general

Conservation Social Science is an essential, one-of-a-kind survey of novel approaches to explaining and fostering more effective, just, and enduring conservation of biodiversity. It is academically rigorous and comprehensive in scope, yet sufficiently nontechnical and concise to be accessible to a global audience of students, faculty, and environmental professionals and policymakers.

List of Contributors ix

Foreword xi

Acknowledgements xiii

Abbreviations and Acronyms xv

1 Introduction: Biodiversity Conservation and the Social Sciences 1
Ivan R. Scales, Daniel C. Miller, and Michael B. Mascia

2 Social Science Foundations 21
Katie Moon and Deborah Blackman

3 Anthropology and Conservation 49
Diane Russell and C. Anne Claus

4 Economics and Conservation 99
Stephen Polasky

5 Human Geography and Conservation 139
Ivan R. Scales and William M. Adams

6 Political Science and Conservation 185
Daniel C. Miller and Arun Agrawal

7 Psychology and Conservation 233
Olin Eugene Myers Jr.

8 Sociology and Conservation 289
Jennifer Swanson, Steven R. Brechin, and J. Timmons Roberts

9 Conclusion: Toward Better Conversations about Conservation 335
Daniel C. Miller, Ivan R. Scales, and Michael B. Mascia

Glossary 349

Index 353
Daniel C. Miller, PhD is Associate Professor of Environmental Policy at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA.

Ivan R. Scales, PhD is Associate Professor in Geography at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Michael B. Mascia, PhD is Senior Scientist and Senior Vice President for Strategic Initiatives at Conservation International, Arlington, Virginia, USA.

D. C. Miller, University of Notre Dame, IN, USA; I. R. Scales, University of Cambridge, UK; M. B. Mascia, Conservation International, Arlington, VA, USA