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A Biography

Rudenko, Serhii

Übersetzt von Naydan, Michael M. / Perminova, Alla


1. Auflage August 2023
224 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-5095-6067-7
John Wiley & Sons

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Three years after the political novice Volodymyr Zelensky was elected to Ukraine's highest office, he found himself catapulted into the role of war-time leader. The former comedian has become the public face of his country's courageous and bloody struggle against a brutal invasion. Zelensky's extraordinary leadership in the face of Russia's aggression is an inspiration to everyone who stands opposed to the appalling violence unleashed on Ukraine.

This book - the first biography of Zelensky published in English - tells his astonishing story. It has been revised and updated for this new paperback edition.


Preface: Zelensky's Political Oscar

1 Ten Assassination Attempts on President Zelensky

2 The Campaign for President

3 "Let It Be the Stadium Then!"

4 Zelensky and Forty-two Million Presidents

5 Devirtualization of Servant of the People

6 A Mad Printer for the President

7 Trump's Impeachment

8 Vice-President Bohdan

9 The Cosmic Year of 1978

10 The Irreplaceable Yuliya Mendel

11 Look into the Eyes of Putin and ...

12 The Amateur on an Electric Scooter

13 A Little Bell for Maslyakov

14 Godfather Rodnyansky

15 A Scandal in Jurmala

16 The Family of Kvartal 95

17 The Kadyrov Ordeal

18 Ebony Rods

19 Zelensky's Double

20 Zelensky's Ceremonial General

21 Zelensky's Shefir Brothers

22 Kolomoisky's Knife

23 Poroshenko on His Knees

24 The Zelensky Collective

25 Zelensky's Idol Syvokho

26 The Polygraph for "Servants of the People"

27 Who Turned Zelensky into an Addict?

28 Zelensky under Yermak

29 Zelensky's Dream Team

30 Zelensky's Architect

31 The Magic Number 95

32 He Who Burdened Zelensky with the Presidency

33 A Gagarin for Zelensky

34 A Black Mirror for a Hero

35 Zvirobiy, Fedyna, and a Victim

36 Wagnergate: A Story with Many Unknowns

37 How the Oligarch Akhmetov Prepared a Coup for Zelensky

38 The Bucha Massacre

Epilogue: The President of War

"War is a rupture--in a country's life and a leader's. Amid the calamity, Ukrainians have proven lucky in theirs. As Mr Rudenko writes at the close, the man who was 'visibly nervous' in his early bouts of diplomacy, the ingénue and clown, now has an experience of statecraft that no modern Western leader can match, nor would wish to."
The Economist

"From voice of Paddington to global giant... the man behind the wartime façade"
The Observer

"The first English-language biography of Zelensky reveals what Ukrainians really think of him"
The Telegraph

"Serhii Rudenko's biography is a portrait of a wartime hero whose troubled past may return to haunt him... [It is] an extraordinary life story, which is still being written. Reading this biography now, in the wake of a war that upended our understanding of both Zelensky and Ukraine, presents his personal history in a new light."
Lyse Doucet, The New Statesman

The Guardian

"A fast-paced biography of an unexpected world leader... the author capably shows how Zelensky has displayed an astonishing transformation in the face of continued Russian aggression."

"Rudenko has written a succinct political biography that plunges readers right into the middle of the Ukrainian political scene"
Prospect Magazine

"... important and detailed...: Zelensky is easily the equal of the most impressive wartime leaders the West has ever had."
Owen Matthews, The Spectator
Serhii Rudenko is a Ukrainian journalist and political commentator who has published several books on Ukrainian politicians.