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Scientific Integrity

Text and Cases in Responsible Conduct of Research

Macrina, Francis L.



4. Auflage Juli 2014
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-55581-661-2
John Wiley & Sons


Written by practicing scientists on the front lines of ethical issues, Scientific Integrity presents core topics for graduate and postdoctoral trainees and professional researchers. The text contains highly relevant interactive case studies and covers essential topics related to the conduct of scientific investigations, such as guidelines, policies, standards, and codes. A companion website, maintained by the author, contains a rich collection of Internet resources, while discussion questions promote critical thought.

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This widely adopted textbook provides the essential content and skill-building tools for teaching the responsible conduct of scientific research. Scientific Integrity covers the breadth of concerns faced by scientists: protection of animal and human experimental subjects, scientific publication, intellectual property, conflict of interest, collaboration, record keeping, mentoring, and the social and ethical responsibilities of scientists. Learning activities and resources designed to elucidate the principles of Scientific Integrity include
* Dozens of highly relevant, interactive case studies for discussion in class or online
* Numerous print and online resources covering the newest research guidelines, regulations, mandates and policies
* Discussion questions, role-playing exercises, and survey tools to promote critical thought
* Documents including published rules of conduct, sample experimentation protocols, and patent applications

The new edition of Scientific Integrity responds to significant recent changes--new mandates, policies, laws, and other developments--in the field of responsible conduct of research. Dr. Macrina plants the seeds of awareness of existing, changing, and emerging standards in scientific conduct and provides the tools to promote critical thinking in the use of that information. Scientific Integrity is the original turnkey text to guide the next generations of scientists as well as practicing researchers in the essential skills and approaches for the responsible conduct of science.

1. Methods, Manners, and the Responsible Conduct of Research

2. Ethics and the Scientist

3. Mentoring

4. Authorship and Peer Review

5. Use of Humans in Biomedical Experimentation

6. Use of Animals in Biomedical Experimentation

7. Competing Interests in Research

8. Collaborative Research

9. Research Data and Intellectual Property

10. Scientific Record Keeping

11. Science, Technology, and Society

Appendix I: Surveys as a Tool for Training in Scientific Integrity

Appendix II: Student Exercises

Appendix III: Standards of Conduct

Appendix IV: Sample Protocols for Human and Animal Experimentation

Appendix V: Example of a U.S. Patent Specification

Appendix VI: Laboratory Notebook Instructions

Appendix VII: Safe Laboratory Practices Resources