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From Reading-Writing Research to Practice

Briquet-Duhaze, Sophie / Turcotte, Catherine (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage April 2019
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ISBN: 978-1-78630-355-4
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Teachers regularly seek to update their practice with newly-developed tools from the realm of research, with the aim of applying them directly in the classroom, particularly for teaching reading and writing. Thus, teachers' continuing education is dependent on the effective dissemination and appropriation of research results.

This book explores this problem from multiple angles, presenting research projects from France and Quebec, Canada. Using a variety of methods, including creating teaching materials and engaging classroom teachers in the research process, the authors demonstrate the importance of ownership and dissemination of research results in schools. Although this necessity sometimes complicates the work of researchers, it is vital to develop and maintain the relationship between reading-writing research and its practical applications.

1. Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies: A Research Program Combining Partners from A to Z, Catherine Turcotte and Marie-Julie Godbout.
2. Scientific Project: Creating a Website Dedicated to French Didactics, Sophie Briquet-Duhazé.
3. Teacher-researcher Dialogue in Differentiated Support to Develop Students' Skills in Syntax and Punctuation, Marie-Hélène Giguère, Marie Nadeau, Carole Fisher, Rosianne Arseneau and Claude Quevillon Lacasse.
4. The Learning Community Mobilized to Raise the Reading Levels of Adolescents with Intellectual Disabilities, Céline Chatenoud, Catherine Turcotte, Rebeca Aldama and Sabine Codio.
5. Teaching Practices that Promote the Development of Reading Skills in Inclusive Secondary Schools, France Dubé, Chantal Ouellet, France Dufour, Marie-Jocya Paviel, Olivier Bruchesi, Emilie Cloutier and Marc Landry.
6. Supporting the Professional Development of Elementary School Teachers: Action Research in an Aboriginal Context, Christiane Blaser and Martin Lépine.
7. When Researchers Discover that Organizational and Collaboration Models that are Still Not Very Explicit for School Stakeholders, Nathalie Prévost and Catherine Turcotte.
8. Encouraging the Appropriation of Research Results on Morphological Knowledge by School Stakeholders, Rachel Berthiaume.
Sophie Briquet-Duhazé is an HDR lecturer in education at École supérieure du professorat et de l'éducation (ESPE) and the Centre interdisciplinaire de Recherche Normand en Education et Formation (CIRNEF), University of Rouen, France. Her research focuses on the impact of phonological awareness training and letter literacy skills on the reading level of struggling students.

Catherine Turcotte is Professor of education sciences at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Canada. Her research interests include the way primary school students, particularly those with learning difficulties, learn to read and write.