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The Success of Apprenticeships

Views of Stakeholders on Training and Learning

Cerdin, Jean-Luc / Peretti, Jean-Marie (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage Februar 2020
306 Seiten, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-1-78630-473-5
John Wiley & Sons

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Apprenticeships can offer apprentices, their teacher-tutors and business apprenticeship supervisors experiences that are rich in knowledge.

The Success of Apprenticeships presents the observations and opinions of 48 actors regarding apprenticeships. These testimonies recount how apprenticeships allowed them to improve their expertise, their professional practices and their organization skills. This book also examines how their interactions in the work/study process allowed them not only to develop the skills of apprentices, but also the skills of those who accompanied them - the teacher-tutors and the business apprenticeships supervisors.

The creation of an authentic community of apprentices subscribes to the formation of an ecosystem of learning, in which each individual harvests fruits in terms of the development of their personal abilities.

Part 1. The Challenges of Apprenticeships in the Training System

1. Apprenticeship Training: A Dedicated Educational Engineering, Florence Le Fiblec and Michel Gordin.

2. Apprenticeships: The First Learning Experience, Soufyane Frimousse and Jean-Marie Peretti.

3. Innovation at the Heart of the Company and Apprenticeship Methods, Veronique Billat and Mireille Blaess.

4. The Leader-Entrepreneur in an Apprenticeship Position, Pierre-Yves Sanseau and Christian Defelix.

5. Reinventing the Promise of Work-linked Training Or an Initiatory Journey Towards Agile Professionalism and Postural Learning,Maria-Giuseppina Bruna and Bechir Ben Lahouel.

6. Apprenticeships, a Springboard to Professional Integration?, Sana Henda.

7. Reflexivity and Management Apprenticeships, Sandrine Ansart and Pierre-Yves Sanseau.

Part 2. Perspectives of Apprenticeship Actors

8. The Birth of Apprenticeships: A Marker of the Pioneering Spirit of ESSEC, Alain Bernard.

9. Cross-fertilization of Stakeholders Views on the Key Factors for the Success of an Apprenticeship Pathway,Nathalie Montargot and Dominic Drillon.

10. Beneficiaries of the Apprenticeship Process, Fernando Cuevas, Catherine Coll and Arnaud Gimenez.

11. The Value of an Apprenticeship in Business School Training: The Apprentice s Perspective, Mirella Blaise and Sophie Riviere.

12. Reflections on Apprenticeships , Bruno Bouniol.

13. Apprenticeships at ESSEC: Practice, Wolfgang Dick.

14. Sandwich Course Training in Higher Education in an Island Territory, Soufyane Frimousse and Christophe Storai.

15. Entrepreneurship Master s Degrees in a Business School: What Added Value for the Company?, Gilles Lambert, Dominique Siegel and Lovanirina Ramboarison-Lalao.

Part 3. Elsewhere in the World

16. German Dual Training through Apprenticeships: An Exportable Model?, Eric Davoine and Ludger Deitmer.

17. Apprenticeships in England, Sandra McNally.

18. Beyond Meeting the Needs of the Economy, Reconnecting Work and Values: The Indian Apprenticeship Experience, Mouloud Madoun.

19. Apprenticeship Management in Africa: The Case of Madagascar, Lovanirina Ramboarison-Lalao and Landisoa Rabeason.

20. Training African Managers and Combating the Brain Drain Richard Delaye-Habermacher, Pierre Dinassa-Kilendo, Yvette Ikoloand Gabriel Bernerd.

21. Japanese Style Learning: Learning-by-doing in Japan, a Concept Still New to Management, Junko Takagi.

22. The Chinese Apprenticeship Model: The Spirit of Craftsmanship, Kate-Yue Zhang and Jean-Luc Cerdin.

Part 4. Perspectives on Apprenticeships

23. Apprenticeship Reform: An Asset for Renewing Our Social Model.

24. Thinking About an Ecology of Learning, from People to the Organization, Corinne Forasacco and Sylvie Chartier-Gueudet.

25. Apprenticeships: Conversation as a Lever, Olivier Fourcadet.

26. Paradigm Shift: All Learners, Francois Silva and Marie Peretti-Ndiaye.

27. Job Quality: A Challenge for the Effectiveness of Higher Education Apprenticeships, Abdelwahab Ait Razouk and Anne Herveou.

28. All Apprentices: A Necessity, Laurent Bibard.

29. Research on Apprenticeships, Kushal Sharma and Jean-Luc Cerdin.
Jean-Luc Cerdin is Professor of Human Resource Management and Academic Director of the apprenticeships at ESSEC Business School, France. He is also a Doctor of Science Management.

Jean-Marie Peretti is Professor at ESSEC Business School. He is also the current holder of the ESSEC Chair of Change and the ESSEC Chair of Managerial Innovation.