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Principles of Computational Cell Biology

From Protein Complexes to Cellular Networks

Helms, Volkhard


2. Auflage Februar 2019
XVIII, 440 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-3-527-33358-5
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim


This successful text provides an ideal introduction into the world of modeling biological processes on a cellular level. It teaches biological modeling from the bottom up and, in the 2nd edition, now also covers epigenetics and microRNA regulation.

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The second edition of the essential guide for biologists and bioinformaticians, expanded and improved.

When it was first published in 2008, Principles of Computational Cell Biology was a groundbreaking book that offered an ideal introduction to a networked-based approach to the study of celluar systems. The revised and updated second edition includes an increased focus on RNA biology and epigenetics, and contains new topics such as intracellular trafficking, and more cellular programs such as circadian rhythms, apoptosis, and cell differentiation.

Author Volkhard Helms, an expert with an extensive background in biology and informatics, has revised his classic work that covers the key points in an accessible and in-depth manner. The book contains problems and exercises for each chapter that show how to apply the concepts and methods presented. The author introduces the more complex aspects of the topic while keeping the mathematics to a minimum. This important guide:

-Continues the success of the previous edition in teaching a network-based approach to cell biology
-Covers new topics including microRNAs, epigenetics, and protein-DNA interactions
-Includes problems and solution hints with each chapter
-Highlights the practical aspects of cellular biology while keeping math at a minimum

Written for biology students, students in biochemistry, cell biologists, biomathematicians, biochemists, and bioengineers, the revised and updated Principles of Computational Cell Biology, Second Edition provides an ideal introduction into the world of modeling biological processes on a cellular level.

Networks in Biological Cells
Structures of Protein Complexes and Subcellular Structures
Analysis of Protein-Protein Binding
Algorithms on Mathematical Graphs
Protein-Protein Interaction Networks - Pairwise Connectivity
Protein-Protein Interaction Networks - Structural Hierarchies
Protein-DNA Interactions
Gene Expression and Protein Synthesis
Gene Regulatory Networks
Regulatory noncoding DNA
Computational Epigenetics
Metabolic Networks
Kinetic Modeling of Cellular Processes
Stochastic Processes in Biological Cells
Integrated Cellular Networks
Volkhard Helms, PhD is a full professor of bioinformatics at Saarland University. He has authored more than 100 scientific publications and received the EMBO Young Investigator Award in 2001.