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Nano and Micro-Scale Energetic Materials

Propellants and Explosives

Pang, Weiqiang / DeLuca, Luigi T. (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage März 2023
784 Seiten, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-3-527-34981-4
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim


focuses on the novel energetic materials exploration, special focus on the modification, ignition, combustion performance and application of innovative energetic materials in propellants and explosives.

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Volume 1:
1. Composite Heterogeneous Energetic Materials: Propellants and Explosives, Similar but Different?
2. High Pressure Combustion Studies of Energetic Materials
3. Cyclic Nitramines as Nano Energetic Organic Materials
4. Clathrates of CL-20: thermal decomposition and combustion
5. Hmx and Cl-20 Crystals Containing Metallic Micro- and Nanoparticles
6. Effect of TKX-50 on the performance of solid propellants and explosives
7. Recent Advances in Preparation and Reactivity of Metastable Intermixed Composites
8. Nanothermites: developments and future perspectives
9. Engineering agglomeration and propagation of high Al/CuO nanothermite loading composites
10. Glycidyl Azide Polymer Combustion and Applications Studies Performed at ISAS/JAXA
11. Effect of different binders and metal hydrides on the performance and hydrochloric acid exhaust products scavenging of AP-based composite solid propellants: A theoretical analysis
12. Combustion of Flake Aluminium with PTFE in Solid and Hybrid Rockets
13. Effect of Nanometal Additives on The Ignition of Al-Based Energetic Materials
Volume 2:
14. Lithium and Magnesium Fuels for Space Propulsion and Power
15. Solid Propellants for Space Microthrusters
16. Interesting New High Explosives and Melt Casts
17. Pyrotechnic alternatives to primary explosive-based initiators
18. Light Sensitive Energetic Materials and Their Laser Initiation
19. The Chemical Micromechanism of Energetic Material Initiation
20. Macro-micromechanics-based ignition behavior of exp ow velocity impact
21. Mechanical and ignition responses for HMX and RDX single crystals under impact and shock loading
22. Dynamic mechanical properties of HTPB-IPDI binders of four PBX with different HMX contents and energetic particles augmented binder

Prof. Dr. Weiqiang Pang is the group leader of Design, simulation and application of Solid propellant at Xi'an Modern Chemistry Research Institute in Xi'an, China. He is a visiting Scholar of Politecnico di Milano and spent most of his career working on the innovative energetic materials exploration and their combustion, application in solid propellants. Professor Weiqiang Pang is the editorial board member of "Chinese Journal of Explosives & Propellant","Journal of Solid Rocket Technology" and "Equipment environmental engineering", etc., he has authored 11 books, over 150 scientific publications and 60 patents.

Prof. Dr. Luigi T. DeLuca received his Ph.D. degree from Princeton University, USA, in 1976. He founded the Space Propulsion Laboratory (SPLab) and worked until his retirement as a Professor of Aerospace Propulsion at Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy. Prof. Luigi T. DeLuca has authored over 15 books and 300 scientific publications. He is Honorary Professor at Omsk State Technical University, Omsk, Russia; Honorary Fellow of the High Energy Materials Society of India (HEMSI), India; a Fellow of the Korean Government Brain Pool Program and visiting Professor at Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea; and currently a Visiting Professor at Nanjing University of Science & Technology, China.