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Ecosystem-Led Growth

A Blueprint for Sales and Marketing Success Using the Power of Partnerships

Moore, Bob


1. Auflage März 2024
240 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-394-22683-2
John Wiley & Sons

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A blueprint to new levels of company growth leveraging your firm's Partner Ecosystem

In Ecosystem-Led Growth: A Blueprint For Sales and Marketing Success Using the Power of Partnerships, veteran entrepreneur and tech leader Bob Moore delivers an intuitive and insightful guide to using your company's Partner Ecosystem to unlock countless leads, break sales records, scale your organization, and build a once-in-a-generation business. In the book, you'll discover why partnerships are no longer the domain of "partner people" schmoozing at conferences. Instead, they can be used to unlock vast amounts of data, new relationships, and scalable growth plays.

You'll learn about:
* Transformational technologies that bring partner data to your fingertips
* Savvy companies and executives who convert that data into untapped growth opportunities
* Real-world examples of go-to-market leaders at dozens of leading tech companies implementing a powerful new perspective on growth

An indispensable roadmap to an exciting new strategy for scaling your firm, Ecosystem-Led Growth will earn a place on the bookshelves of managers, executives, founders, entrepreneurs, salespeople, marketers, and anyone else interested in taking their company to new heights.

Acknowledgments ix

Introduction 1

Part 1 My $2.6 Billion Mistake 5

1 Muscle Memory and Scar Tissue 7

A Revolution in Business Intelligence 8

The Rollercoaster of Product- Market Fit 10

2 Disruption Is Cool Until It Happens to You 13

Amazon's Big Move 13

The Modern Data Stack Is Born 17

The Ecosystem Effect 18

3 How Partner Ecosystems Saved My Career 21

Part 2 The Ecosystem Revolution 25

4 Decoding the Confusing Language of Partnerships 27

Tech Partnerships 32

Channel Partnerships 36

Strategic Partnerships 38

Marketplaces 40

Partner Relationship Management 42

5 Why Legacy Partnerships Were Set Up to Fail 47

6 The Ecosystem Data Layer Arrives 55

7 Why Now? The Disruption of Growth as We Know It 63

Inbound Marketing and the Great AI Reset 64

Outbound Sales: A Negative- Sum Game 70

A Targeted Attack on Targeted Ads 74

Sales Intelligence: The Bundling Era 76

Product- Led Growth: A Different Animal 81

Another Door Opens 85

Part 3 Beginning Your ELG Journey 87

8 Is ELG Right for Me? 89

Value Proposition 89

Company Scale 91

The ELG Readiness Matrix 91

9 Getting Buy- In for ELG 95

Setting the Right Goals 95

Attributing Success to ELG 97

Eliminating Partner Team Baggage 101

10 Overcoming Security and Privacy Objections 107

Can I Trust My ELG Platform? 108

Does ELG Itself Expose Me to Risk? 111

11 Powering Up Your Account Mapping Matrix 121

Part 4 The ELG Playbooks 125

12 The ELG Playbook Map 127

13 Ecosystem Development: Populate Your Partner Ecosystem with Winners 131

Prioritizing Partners 133

Curating Data Access 137

The Partner Prioritization Matrix 139

14 Ecosystem- Led Marketing: Fill Your Funnel with Ecosystem Qualified Leads 143

The Ecosystem Qualified Lead (EQL) 144

Generating EQLs with Second- Party Data 146

Marketing Automation and Account- Based Marketing 148

Outbound: Upgrade Your SDRs to PDRs 151

Reinventing Event Strategy 155

Turning Investors into Pipeline Generation Engines 159

15 Ecosystem- Led Sales: Close Bigger, Better Customers Faster 163

Strategy and Buy- In: The ELG Sales Tetrahedron 164

Meeting Sellers Where They Are 170

Co- Selling 177

Hyperscaler Cloud Marketplaces 185

Training, Enablement, and Accountability 187

16 Ecosystem- Led Customer Success: Eliminate Churn and Grow Accounts 193

Driving Customer Success with Tech Partners 195

Driving Customer Success with Channel Partners 198

Conclusion: The Future of ELG 203

Glossary 205

Bibliography 217

Author Bio 223

Index 225
BOB MOORE is Co-Founder and CEO of Crossbeam, an Ecosystem-Led Growth platform that generates leads, closes deals, and grows companies by leveraging partner ecosystems. He previously co-founded Stitch and RJMetrics, acquired by Talend and Adobe, respectively. Learn more at and contact Bob at

B. Moore, Crossbeam, Inc