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The Energy Bus for Schools

7 Ways to Improve your School Culture, Remove Negativity, Energize Your Teachers, and Empower Your Students

Gordon, Jon / Van Allan, Jim

Jon Gordon


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ISBN: 978-1-394-23303-8
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National Bestseller

Drive Your School Culture to Success with The Energy Bus! Transform your school culture into a thriving and positive environment. In The Energy Bus for Schools: 7 Ways to Improve Your School Culture, Remove Negativity, Energize Your Teachers, and Empower Your Students, bestselling author Jon Gordon and education leader Dr. Jim Van Allan provide concrete strategies and powerful stories to help build a positive school culture. This book shares a unique approach and proven practices for reimagining schools and districts as collaborative places where students and staff create their culture and develop as leaders together.

The authors provide the blueprint and framework to create a positive campus culture including:
* Thriving during times of change
* Communication to strengthen relationships
* Proven strategies to empower staff and students
* Building a connected team
* Developing a positive mindset
* Implementing best practices to energize teachers and students
* Removing negativity that sabotages morale and culture
* Rediscovering the joy and excitement of being in education

This book is intended for superintendents, district and school leadership, teachers, counselors, and coaches who are looking to leave a positive legacy and impact everyone on campus. Join the movement with other visionary educators who have already transformed their schools into dynamic centers of learning and growth.

Preface vii

Introduction xi

1 7 Steps to Improve Your School Culture 1

2 Invite Your Staff on the Bus 5

3 Build a Positive Culture 21

4 Fuel Your Ride with Positive Energy 43

5 Love Your Passengers 63

6 Transform Negativity 93

7 Refuel, Reenergize, and Refocus with Purpose 119

8 Create a Fleet of Bus Drivers 135

What's Next for Your School or District? 151

Acknowledgments 157

About the Authors 159

Other Books by Jon Gordon 161

Index 169
"The Energy Bus for Schools is an empowering and transformative guide that transcends the boundaries of conventional education. Filled with relatable insights and actionable steps, it's a game-changer for schools, teachers, and anyone invested in making a positive impact. A must-read if you are seeking to amplify leadership, inspire minds, and create a legacy that truly matters."

--Jessica Holsman, bestselling author & founder of Study With Jess

"The Energy Bus for Schools provides a clear roadmap for establishing and maintaining a positive school culture that's easy to follow and simple to implement! Gordon and Van Allan give suggestions, tips, and examples that will guide educational leaders through the process for building and improving school culture one step at a time in order to increase success for all stakeholders including staff members, students, and communities."

--Michelle Emerson, author of First Class Teaching

"At a time when educators are feeling particularly tested, The Energy Bus for Schools is the perfect companion to its widely-read predecessor. Jon Gordon and Dr. Jim Van Allan share a collection of motivating, and often moving, stories from schools across the country to support educators as we reframe how we 'do school' moving forward."

--Donna Hayward, NASSP 2023 National Principal of the Year

"Jim Van Allan and Jon Gordon's The Energy Bus for Schools is exactly the message I needed to organize my thoughts and improve my approach in overcoming negativity and adversity that are often encountered in the workplace. The tools learned in this book, will assist me in building a positive culture, where the staff can reach our school goals, despite any obstacles that may come our way."

--Adam Lane, Florida 2022 NASSP - Principal of the Year

"Calling all educators! The Energy Bus for Schools is a game-changer for educators seeking to create a positive and unified school culture. Jon and Jim have compiled powerful examples from schools nationwide, providing transformative strategies that truly work. With real stories, turn-key strategies, and research-based insights, this invaluable resource will help you make a lasting positive impact on your school community!"

--Dr. David Arencibia, National Principal of the Year Finalist and Texas Principal of the Year
Jon Gordon is the author of 28 books, including five children's books and fifteen bestsellers, including The Energy Bus, The Carpenter, Training Camp, The Coffee Bean, You Win in the Locker Room First, and The One Truth. He is passionate about developing positive leaders, organizations, and teams.

Dr. Jim Van Allan is President of The Energy Bus for Schools. He runs The Energy Bus for Schools program and is a Professor of Communication Studies with Keiser University. He holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and speaks to schools across the country.