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Organization Practice

A Guide to Understanding Human Service Organizations

O'Connor, Mary Katherine / Netting, F. Ellen


2. Auflage März 2009
464 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-0-470-25285-7
John Wiley & Sons

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Human service organizations are under increasing pressure to demonstrate that their programs work. Organization Practice, Second Edition helps students and professionals in human services and nonprofit management understand complex behaviors in organizations. This new edition provides a new, practical model for understanding cultural identities within organizations. Also, it is significantly revised to include numerous real-world cases, critical thinking questions, empirical support, and engaging exercises. Social workers, as well as public health and nonprofit administrators will benefit from the insights in this book.



Chapter 1 Human Service Practice in a Diverse OrganizationalLandscape

Chapter 2 Frameworks for the Organization Practitioner

Part One: Structure and Control

Chapter 3 Traditional Organizations

Chapter 4 Practice in Traditional Organizations

Part Two: Consciousness Raising for Change

Chapter 5 Social Change Organizations

Chapter 6 Practice in Social Change Organizations

Part Three: Connection and Collaboration

Chapter 7 Serendipitous Organizations

Chapter 8 Practice in Serendipitous Organizations

Part Four: Individual Empowerment

Chapter 9 Entrepreneurial Organizations

Chapter 10 Practice in Entrepreneurial Organizations

Chapter 11: Multiparadigmatic Practice

Appendix: Organization Assessment

Glossary of Terms

"The most impressive aspect of this book is that the authors chose to present the complexity of social work organization practice over a more simplistic description. This book provides a framework useful for thinking about how to be a social worker at the organization level, moving towards the incorporation of difference and diversity as an avenue towards social justice both within the organization and in the organization's relationships with the greater community. Developing the self-awareness and critical thinking necessary to navigate such paradoxical realities is the focus of this extraordinary book." (Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work Newsletter, June 9, 2009)
Mary Katherine O'Connor, PHD, is a Professor in the Schoolof Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University, where sheteaches in the PhD and MSW programs.

F. Ellen Netting, PHD, is the Samuel S. Wurtzel EndowedChair and Professor of Social Work at Virginia CommonwealthUniversity, where she teaches in the PhD, MSW, and BSWprograms.

M. K. O'Connor, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA; F. E. Netting, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA