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Synthetic Biology

Industrial and Environmental Applications

Schmidt, Markus (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage Juli 2012
XXVI, 240 Seiten, Hardcover
36 Abbildungen (17 Farbabbildungen)
30 Tabellen

ISBN: 978-3-527-33183-3
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim


Dieses Praktikerbuch behandelt erstmals sämtliche Aspekte des Fachgebiets, darunter auch ethische Fragen, und ist ein Muss für Studenten und Entscheidungsträger.

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This is the only book to focus on industrial and environmental applications of synthetic biology, covering 17 of the most promising uses in the areas of biofuel, bioremediation and biomaterials. The contributions are written by experts from academia, non-profit organizations and industry, outlining not only the scientific basics but also the economic, environmental and ethical impact of the new technologies.
This makes it not only suitable as supplementary material for students but also the perfect companion for policy makers and funding agencies, if they are to make informed decisions about synthetic biology.
Largely coordinated by Markus Schmidt, a policy adviser, and the only European to testify in front of the bioethics commission of the Obama administration.

Executive Summary (M. Schmidt)
Introduction (M. Schmidt)
Biofuels (M. Schmidt, M. Porcar, V. Schachter, A. Danchin, I. Mahmutoglu)
Bioremediation (I. Mahmutoglu, L. Pei, M. Porcar, R. Armstrong, M. Bedau)
Biomaterials (L. Pei, M. Morange, R. Armstrong, A. Danchin, M. Porcar)
Other Developments in Synthetic Biology (R. Armstrong, M. Bedau, M. Schmidt)
Regulatory Frameworks for Synthetic Biology (L. Pei, S. Bar-Yam, J. Byers-Corbin, R. Casagrande, F. Eichler, A. Lin, M. Österreicher, P.C. Regardh, R.D. Turlington, K.A. Oye, H. Torgersen, M. Schmidt, Z.-J. Guan, W. Wei)
Markus Schmidt has an interdisciplinary background with an education in electronic and biomedical engineering, biology (MSc) and risk research (PhD). His research interests include risk assessment, the science-society interface, and technology assessment (TA) of novel bio-, nano- and converging technologies. Since 2005 he pioneered synthetic biology safety and ELSI research in Europe. See: www.markusschmidt.eu for details.

M. Schmidt, Organisation for Intern. Dial. and Conflict Manag.,Vienna, Austria