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Surface Modification of Polymers

Methods and Applications

Pinson, Jean / Thiry, Damien (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage Dezember 2019
460 Seiten, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-3-527-34541-0
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim


Functionalization of polymer surfaces is often required for applications in sensors, medical devices and others. This reference presents the most important methods for the introduction of new functionalities. A high-quality resource for everyone working in the field.

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A guide to modifying and functionalizing the surfaces of polymers

Surface Modification of Polymers is an essential guide to the myriad methods that can be employed to modify and functionalize the surfaces of polymers. The functionalization of polymer surfaces is often required for applications in sensors, membranes, medicinal devices, and others. The contributors?noted experts on the topic?describe the polymer surface in detail and discuss the internal and external factors that influence surface properties.

This comprehensive guide to the most important methods for the introduction of new functionalities is an authoritative resource for everyone working in the field. This book explores many applications, including the plasma polymerization technique, organic surface functionalization by initiated chemical vapor deposition, photoinduced functionalization on polymer surfaces, functionalization of polymers by hydrolysis, aminolysis, reduction, oxidation, surface modification of nanoparticles, and many more. Inside, readers will find information on various applications in the biomedical field, food science, and membrane science. This important book:

-Offers a range of polymer functionalization methods for biomedical applications, water filtration membranes, and food science
-Contains discussions of the key surface modification methods, including plasma and chemical techniques, as well as applications for nanotechnology, environmental filtration, food science, and biomedicine
-Includes contributions from a team of international renowned experts

Written for polymer chemists, materials scientists, plasma physicists, analytical chemists, surface physicists, and surface chemists, Surface Modification of Polymers offers a comprehensive and application-oriented review of the important functionalization methods with a special focus on biomedical applications, membrane science, and food science.

Surface Treatment of Polymers by Plasma
Plasma Polymer Films
Plasma as a Tool for Structuring Polymers at Micro/Nanoscale
Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition (iCVD)
Atomic Layer Deposition
UV, Gamma Rays and Ions Irradiation
Functionalization of Polymers by Oxidation, Reduction, Aminolysis, Hydrolysis, Reaction of Radicals, Nitrenes, Carbenes
Polymers on Polymers: "Grafting on" and "Grafting from"
Polymeric Nanoparticles
Surface Modification of Polymers for Food Science
Surface Modification of Water Filtration Membranes
Surface Modification of Polymer Substrates for Biomedical Applications
Jean Pinson, PhD, is Professor Emeritus of the University Paris Diderot. He is interested in the functionalization and modification of polymer surfaces and the surface chemistry of diazonium salts.

Thiry Damien, PhD, is Senior Researcher at the University of Mons (Chimie des Interactions Plasma Surface (ChIPS)), Belgium.