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Blackman, Allan / Bottle, Steven E. / Schmid, Siegbert / Mocerino, Mauro / Wille, Uta


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ISBN: 978-0-7303-9667-3
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Blackman's market-leading Chemistry is back in a new fifth edition. Known for making chemistry digestible, this text shows students how the science they are learning relates to everyday life. The new edition has been refreshed to include timely, local ANZ examples on topics such as Indigenous chemistry and green chemistry.

From Lightboard videos of local academics that show students how to approach and solve problems, to questions with immediate feedback, the digital resources are designed to support students of all knowledge levels, regardless of background, and guide them through the real-life application of what they are learning.

Chapter 1. The atom
Chapter 2. The language of chemistry
Chapter 3. Chemical reactions and stoichiometry
Chapter 4. Atomic energy levels
Chapter 5. Chemical bonding and molecular structure
Chapter 6. Gases
Chapter 7. Condensed phases: liquids and solids
Chapter 8. Chemical thermodynamics
Chapter 9. Chemical equilibrium
Chapter 10. Solutions and solubility
Chapter 11. Acids and bases
Chapter 12. Oxidation and reduction
Chapter 13. Transition metal chemistry
Chapter 14. The p-block elements
Chapter 15. Reaction kinetics
Chapter 16. The chemistry of carbon
Chapter 17. Chirality
Chapter 18. Haloalkanes
Chapter 19. Alcohols, amines and related compounds
Chapter 20. Spectroscopy
Chapter 21. Aldehydes and ketones
Chapter 22. Carbohydrates
Chapter 23. Carboxylic acids and their derivatives
Chapter 24. Amino acids, peptides and proteins
Chapter 25. The chemistry of DNA
Chapter 26. Polymers
Chapter 27. Nuclear chemistry