John Wiley & Sons The UnNoticed Entrepreneur, Book 1 Cover Classic and outside-the-box tactics for taking your company to the next level The UnNoticed Entrepr.. Product #: 978-0-85708-957-1 Regular price: $17.66 $17.66 Auf Lager

The UnNoticed Entrepreneur, Book 1

Step Into the Spotlight

James, Jim


1. Auflage Februar 2023
368 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-0-85708-957-1
John Wiley & Sons

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Classic and outside-the-box tactics for taking your company to the next level

The UnNoticed Entrepreneur: Step Into the Spotlight gives you practical advice for drawing customers into your vision and rising above the rabble. Specifically, this book shows you how you can share the vision for your company, the why behind your product or service. If you can do that, customers will come. The secret? You already have everything you need to become famous in your market. You don't need expensive ad agencies and faddish strategies. After all, you started your business, so you have the best understanding of what you're doing. This book shows you how to communicate your purpose creatively, simply, and authentically through telling your story, personalising your marketing, engaging with customers and prospects, and getting the attention of the right people in the right channels.

If you're passionate about creating value, making a difference, and benefitting others, this is the book for you. This collection of essays will give you ideas, help you make connections, and motivate you to put in the work you need to get noticed for all the good that you do. You'll learn how to:
* Construct a unique story around your business and communicate that story through effective branding
* Stand out from the competition by creating more compelling marketing materials and reaching out in a more targeted way
* Generate buzz around your business with creative offerings like podcasts, media interviews, surveys, AI content, and more
* Rise to the top of your market by using marketing technology, leveraging digital platforms, and understanding today's marketing work

This is the perfect book for business owners and budding entrepreneurs looking for no-nonsense advice on how to really get ahead. You've got the ambition, and The UnNoticed Entrepreneur can help you realize it.

Prologue: Fulfilling the Promise of the Entrepreneur ix

Why PR? xi

Part One: Strategy 1

Chapter One: Introduction 2

Chapter Two: Which of the Four Villains Are You? 5

Chapter Three: What is the Attitude You Can Lead With? 13

Chapter Four: Should You Invest in Corporate Headshots? 20

Chapter Five: Why is What You Wear Important? 24

Chapter Six: The Key Considerations for Choosing a PR Agency 28

Chapter Seven: How to Be Seen as an Authority in Your Industry? 34

Chapter Eight: How You Could be Speaking Out? 41

Chapter Nine: Who is Your Secret Army? 46

Chapter Ten: What is 'Repurposing Content?' 55

Chapter Eleven: When to Use Your Passion to Promote Yourself? 63

Chapter Twelve: Are You Losing 31% of Sales? 67

Chapter Thirteen: What is The Power of Authenticity? 72

Chapter Fourteen: What is Adjacent Marketing? 82

Chapter Fifteen: How to Talk Money With Investors? 89

Chapter Sixteen: How to Animate Your Audience, Not Your Slides? 95

Chapter Seventeen: LinkedIn Video Tips 101

Chapter Eighteen: You Can Overcome SEO Challenges 106

Chapter Nineteen: Can You Overcome Stage Fright? 114

Chapter Twenty: Do You Have What it Takes to Be a TEDx Speaker? 120

Chapter Twenty One: Self-Publishing 101: The Book Broad Explains Self-Publishing Success 125

Chapter Twenty Two: When Should You Use a Ghost Writer? 133

Chapter Twenty Three: Who Can Run Amazon Ads for You? 141

Chapter Twenty Four: What to Look For in a Virtual Events Platform? 150

Part Two: Tools 155

Chapter One: Introduction 156

Chapter Two: Advertising: Creating Consistency Across Franchise Networks 159

Chapter Three: Media: Bringing Good 'CARMA' to Your Sales Funnel Through Proper Measurement and Media Monitoring 166

Chapter Four: Text: Create Better Copy Faster -- Without Losing Human Creativity -- With This AI Copywriting Tool 172

Chapter Five: Text: AI-Powered Tool Increases Engagement By 12,000% 178

Chapter Six: Text: What if You Don't Have Time to Write? 184

Chapter Seven: Text: Citation-Rich, SEO-Friendly Content Writer 191

Chapter Eight: Text: Predictive Text Writing Tool 198

Chapter Nine: Social: Mobilise Your Whole Team With Shared Content 205

Chapter Ten: Social: Blockchain-Powered Hashtag Service 212

Chapter Eleven: Social: Engaging the Team With Internal Social Recognition 218

Chapter Twelve: Social: How to Evaluate the Credibility of Content in the Digital Space? 223

Chapter Thirteen: Video: This Free Text-Based Video Editing Application Developed by 4 German Students is Worth Considering for Your Content Production 232

Chapter Fourteen: Video: The Powerpoint of Online Video Creation 237

Chapter Fifteen: Video: 'Gather Voices' to Make a Compelling Story 246

Chapter Sixteen: Customer Service: Better Insights From Customer Feedback 251

Chapter Seventeen: Customer Service: AI Software to Analyse Sentiment of Digital Content 257

Part Three: Cases 265

Chapter One: Introduction 266

Chapter Two: Shangri-La and Other Stories 268

Chapter Three: World Rowing and W WF's Kaufe River Project in Zambia Aims to Provide Clean Water and Help Hone African Rowers 277

Chapter Four: Rolls-Royce is Driving Their PR With Video in Asia 281

Chapter Five: What is the Benefit of Giving Back? 287

Chapter Six: When is a Newswire Service Good for PR? 292

Chapter Seven: Indian Film Festival for Kidz Reaches the World 300

Chapter Eight: How Foreign Brands Can Compete With 60 Million Online Merchants in China? 308

Chapter Nine: Travelling Through the US in an RV, This Entrepreneur Will Take You on a Journey to Financial Freedom 312

Chapter Ten: Why is There no More Kimchi for Korean Media, Instead it's KakaoTalk and Naver Search? 321

Chapter Eleven: Why a Podcast Could Be Part of Your Strategy? 325

Chapter Twelve: Building an Entrepreneur Ecosystem 330

Conclusion 337

About the Author 339

Guest Directory 340

Bibliography 345

Index 347