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American Standard

The Bible in U.S. Popular Culture

Seesengood, Robert Paul


1. Auflage April 2024
240 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-118-36156-6
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Bring a cultural-studies toolkit to bear on the world's most interpreted text

The study of the Bible has adapted to the full range of analytical tools available to theologians, scholars, and researchers of every stripe. The marriage between cultural studies and Biblical studies has been especially fruitful, increasingly producing rich and provocative engagements with Biblical texts and contexts. Students of the Bible stand to profit significantly from a volume which illustrates the value of cultural studies approaches by putting these theories into practice.

American Standard meets the needs of these students with a series of lively essays working through cultural-studies readings of specific Biblical texts. Drawing connections between the Bible and its modern settings, American popular culture, and more, it balances theory with direct close reading to provide an accessible introduction to the vast and varied landscape of cultural studies.

American Standard readers will also find:
* An invaluable literature review of core cultural studies texts
* Detailed analyses incorporating fantasy gaming, the films of Joel and Ethan Coen, American diet culture, and more
* An author with an extensive teaching and publishing history in cultural and Biblical studies

American Standard is ideal for advanced undergraduate or seminary students taking courses in biblical interpretation, American religion, critical theory, or any related subjects.

Acknowledgments x

1 A General Introduction to Cultural Studies and Cultural Studies Approaches to the Bible 1

Spreading the Word: The Bible's Viral Encounter with US Pop Culture 1

Old School: Birmingham, Marxism, and Late Capitalism 4

It's in the Mix: Cultural Studies as Intertextuality 12

Assembling the Pieces: Reception, Deleuzian Machines, Affect 17

The Plan of This Book 19

Part I From CCCS to Late Capitalism 31

2 Reading Readers: Modern Evangelicalism's Material (Biblical) Renaissance 33

The Bible in Late Capitalism 34

The Bible, New and Improved 39

A Self- Evident Book: The Bible and Nineteenth- Century United States 41

The Rise of the "Value- Added" Bible: The American Bible in the Age of Modernism 45

The American Bible in Late Capitalism 48

Are Bibles Read or Just Looked at? 51

Our Bibles, Ourselves 53

3 Graphic Bibles: The Word Becomes (Affecting) Image 57

Graphic Bibles 58

Robert Crumb on Genesis 60

"Translation" of Word into Image 64

The Reticence of Biblical Image 66

Conclusion 67

4 "Eat This Book": The Bible and the American Diet 72

The Bible and Cultural Studies 72

Defining "Culture" and the "Culture of Everyday Life" 75

The Biblical Scholarship on/and the American Diet 79

Biblical Eating 81

The Bible, Pop Culture, Food, and Consumption 86

Part II The Intertextual Bible 93

5 The Ketuvim in the Coenim: Bible and Apocalyptic in the Films of Joel and Ethan Coen 95

What's in Your Bible? 96

The Coenim 98

Barton Fink (1991) 99

Ladykillers (2004) 103

Jews, and Jewish Bibles, in Hollywood 106

(Re)reading the Coen Bible 108

6 "Do Not Forsake Me": Biblical Motifs in Zinnemann's High Noon 112

First Verse (Précis) 112

Second Verse 118

Bridge 121

Refrain 124

7 God's Dice: The Bible in/and Sci-Fi and Fantasy Gaming 128

Dungeons & Dragons and the Birth of a Genre 130

The Lore of the God- Emperor: Warhammer 40k's Narrative Frame 132

The Devil in the Details: Satan and the Cosmic War Motif in W40k and D&D 134

The "Satanic Panic" and the Dissonance Between D&D and Some US Religious Circles 137

The "Origins of Satan" and the Bible as Fantasy Literature 139

Playing (with) the Devil 145

Part III Affective Machines: Deleuze, Cultural Studies, and the Next Wave 151

8 Mysteries of the Bible Documentary: The Bible in Popular Nonfiction Documentary Film 153

Truth and Representation 154

Modes and Methods of Documentary 156

A (Very Brief) Introduction and Review of Bible Documentary 158

Mysteries of the Bible 159

From Jesus to Christ 160

Testimony of the Ark 162

On the Filming of Documentaries, There Is No End 163

9 "I (Want to) Believe, Lord; Help Me in My Unbelief": Revelation, Raëleans, Mayans, and North American Pop Eschatology 167

The Beginning of the End 168

What the Bible Raëlly Says 169

Discerning the Bak'tun 172

Converging Sight Lines 175

On Conspiracies of Affect(s) and Apocalyptics 178

Apocalypse: John's Vision of the (Sometimes Scary) Real World 181

Horror Movies: 28 Days Later...and the Revelation of Rage 182

Conspiracy 185

10 Bespoke Words: The Bible, Fashion, and the Mechanism(s) of Things 190

Theoretically Naked 190

Boxers and Socks 192

Shirt and Trousers 193

Shoes 195

Jacket 196

Tie 197

Glasses 198

Conclusion: 2020 Visions: Why the Bible and Popular Culture Matter 203

Index 214

Index of Biblical Citations 219
Robert Paul Seesengood is Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Teaching Professor of Bible and Cultures at Drew Theological School, Drew University, Madison, NJ. His numerous publications include The Bible and Cultural Studies: Critical Readings and Jesse's Lineage: The Legendary Lives of David, Jesus and Jesse James.

R. P. Seesengood, Albright College, USA