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Oncology at a Glance

Dark, Graham G.

At a Glance


1. Auflage April 2013
134 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-118-36969-2
John Wiley & Sons


This book brings together all the need-to-know information on cancer biology, treatment of cancer and palliative care. Following the easy-to-use and highly illustrated At a Glance format, it is ideal for any health sciences student or trainee reviewing for exams or working with cancer patients. Beginning with the science of oncology, the book moves through clinical aspects of oncology and symptom management before discussing specific cancers. It also covers young adult oncology, the multidisciplinary caring team, new therapies, and oncology as a career.

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This brand new title in the market-leading at a Glance series brings together fundamental information on cancer biology and treatment to provide a holistic understanding of oncology. It explores both relevant scientific content and key human issues, including communication and palliative care.

Oncology at a Glance:

* Provides an accessible overview of the scientific foundation of cancer medicine
* Covers the common cancers as well as key information on presentation and approaches to investigation and management
* Includes young adult oncology, the multidisciplinary team, clinical trials in oncology, approach to treatment and response assessment, management of nausea, and end-of-life care
* Was developed with students for students, to ensure it contains exactly what students need to know

Oncology at a Glance is an ideal guide for medical students and foundation-year doctors as well as any other healthcare professionals looking to consolidate their knowledge of oncology.

Contributors 6

Preface 7

Abbreviations 8

Scientific foundation of oncology

1 The global burden of cancer 10

2 The nomenclature of oncology 12

3 Environmental determinants of cancer 14

4 The hallmarks of cancer I 16

5 The hallmarks of cancer II 18

6 The hallmarks of cancer III 20

7 The hallmarks of cancer IV 22

8 Cancer genetics and inherited cancer 24

Clinical aspects

9 Communicating with cancer patients 26

10 Presenting problems in a patient with cancer 28

11 Paraneoplastic syndromes 30

12 Metabolic emergencies in cancer patients 32

13 Oncological emergencies 34

14 Investigation and management of metastatic disease 36

15 Tumour markers 38

16 Screening for cancer 40

17 Imaging in oncology 42

18 Approach to treatment and response assessment 44

19 Principles of surgical oncology 46

20 Pharmacology of anticancer agents 48

21 Principles of radiotherapy 50

22 Adverse effects of treatment 52

23 Management of nausea 54

24 Analgesia 56

25 Clinical trials in cancer patients 58

26 The role of multidisciplinary teams 60

27 End of life care 62

Specifi c cancers

28 Carcinoma of unknown primary 64

29 Breast cancer 66

30 Lung cancer 68

31 Mesothelioma 70

32 Oesophageal cancer 72

33 Gastric cancer 74

34 Colorectal cancer 76

35 Pancreatic cancer 78

36 Hepatobiliary cancer 80

37 Ovarian cancer 82

38 Endometrial cancer 84

39 Cervical cancer 86

40 Germ cell tumours 88

41 Prostate cancer 90

42 Bladder and renal cancer 92

43 Head and neck cancer 94

44 Thyroid cancer 96

45 Bone cancer and sarcoma 98

46 Skin cancer 100

47 Cancers of the central nervous system 102

48 Neuroendocrine tumours 104

49 Leukaemia 106

50 Hodgkin's lymphoma 108

51 Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 110

52 Myeloma 112

53 Childhood cancers 114

Case studies and questions 118

Answers to case studies 122

Glossary 127

Index 129
"This book could prove very useful to students new to oncology or to medical professionals who need a quick refresher on a specific disease that they may not see often." (Doody's, 6 September 2013)
Graham G. Dark is Senior Lecturer in Medical Oncology and Cancer Education at Newcastle University

G. G. Dark, Newcastle University and Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne