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The Innovation Imperative

Architectures of Vitality

Ednie-Brown, Pia / Burry, Mark / Burrow, Andrew (Herausgeber)

Architectural Design


Februar 2023
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ISBN: 978-1-118-54121-0
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The pressure to innovate has become pervasive. Both inside andoutside the architectural profession we are increasingly pressed bythe quest for the new; by an innovation imperative. But what does'innovation' really mean for architecture?Predominantly framed in terms of technological invention, economicsand consumption, the notion of innovation is often problematicallyapplied to the arts. Design and creativity are widely considered asdrivers within innovation economies, but how can architectsunderstand and approach the imperative to innovate meaningfully,ethically and on their own terms? Suggesting a process that isfundamentally emergent, collective and environmentally situated,The Innovation Imperative explores architectural innovationin terms of the production of vitality. Emphasising attention toways of doing as key to innovation, this title of AD bringstogether historical perspectives with a range of leadingprovocative, emerging approaches to architectural practice thattogether offer fresh insight into the often vague and ubiquitousatmospheres of innovation-speak. Ultimately, this issue askshow an emphasis on vitality might offer a more nuancedunderstanding of the aesthetic value and ethical know-howintertwined within innovative architectural endeavour.
* Contributors include: Mario Carpo, Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr,Jondi Keane, Brian Massumi, Leon van Schaik, Michael Weinstock, andGretchen Wilkins and Liam Young.

* Featured architects and designers include: Arakawa and Gins,Eva Franch i Gilabert, Greg Lynn, MOS (Michael Meredith and HilarySample), Francois Roche, Veronika Valk and Vergelabs.