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Burwick, Frederick

Keywords in Literature and Culture (KILC)


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ISBN: 978-1-119-09115-8
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Compiles 70 of the key terms most frequently used or discussed by authors of the Romantic period - and most often deliberated by critics and literary historians of the era.
* Offers an indispensable resource for understanding the ideas and differing interpretations that shaped the Romantic period
* Includes keywords spanning Abolition and Allegory, through Madness and Monsters, to Vision and Vampires
* Features in-depth descriptions of each entry's direct meaning and connotations in relation to its usage and thought in literary culture
* Provides deep insights into the political, social, and cultural climate of one of the most expressive periods of Western literary history
* Draws on the author's extensive experience of teaching, lecturing, and writing on Romantic literature

Introduction ix

A 1

Abolition 1

Allegory 6

Antiquarianism 10

Art for Art's Sake 14

Associationism 17

Autobiography 21

B 27

Bardolatry 27

Bluestockings 30

C 34

Childhood 34

Colonialism 38

Crime 43

D 47

Dandyism 47

Dialectics 51

Dreams 61

E 66

Ekphrasis 66

Eroticism 73

F 80

Folklore 80

G 84

Genius 84

Gothic 88

Grotesque 92

Gusto 99

H 103

Harlequinade 103

Hellenism 106

Higher Criticism 111

Homosexuality 114

I 119

Illusion 119

Imagination 123

Imitation 127

Incest 131

Inspiration 137

M 143

Madness 143

Medievalism 147

Melancholy 150

Melodrama 154

Mesmerism 157

Metaliterature (Metapoetry, Metafiction, Metadrama) 162

Metonymy 171

Monsters 176

Mythopoeia 180

N 185

Nature 185

Necessitarianism 189

Negative Capability 192

O 196

Organicism 196

Orientalism 200

P 206

Pantheism 206

Parody 210

Passion 213

Pathetic Fallacy 217

Picturesque 221

Poetic Form 225

Prometheus 229

R 234

Reflection 234

Reform 238

Religion 242

Revolution 250

Rights 255

Romantic Irony 258

Romanticism 267

Ruins 272

S 278

Satire 278

Science 282

Sensibility 293

Solitude 296

Sublime 301

Supernaturalism 306

Symbol 312

Sympathy 316

T 321

Transcendentalism 321

Translation 325

Travel 330

V 338

Vampire Aesthetics 338

Vision 342

W 347

Women's Rights 347

Index 353
"Frederick Burwick's Romanticism: Keywords is an accessible, compendious reference work that will be useful to undergraduates, postgraduates, and instructors alike."
--Nicholas Halmi, University of Oxford

"This is an extremely rich and comprehensive selection of terms, concepts and issues by a major scholar of Romanticism. The sections are lucid, informative, and packed with relevant and useful information. The purview of the volume is substantial and includes not only writing by canonical British figures, but also European writers. It is also exemplary in including in its illustrations writing by women in the period and writing for the stage. The format of the keyword is especially useful in identifying key areas which students and scholars can access."
--Peter Kitson, University of East Anglia

"This is a terrific book. Each entry is an elegant mini-essay, packed with erudition and understanding, and rife with the fruits of a long career in the field. From the relative beginner to the specialist, everyone will find something fresh and provocative in this fascinating work, built up from a prodigious engagement in teaching and scholarship."
--Paul Douglass, San Jose State University
Frederick Burwick is Research Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. The author or editor of 30 books and more than 140 scholarly articles, Burwick is also co-editor of the three-volume Encyclopedia of Romanticism (2012). Other recent publications include Romantic Drama: Acting and Reacting (2009) and Playing to the Crowd, London Popular Theatre, 1780-1830 (2011).

F. Burwick, University of California, Los Angeles, USA