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The Corporate Culture Survival Guide

Schein, Edgar H. / Schein, Peter A.


3. Auflage September 2019
256 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-21228-7
John Wiley & Sons

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Effective, sustainable cultural change requires evolution, not disruption

The Corporate Culture Survival Guide is the essential primer and practical guide every organization needs. Corporate culture pioneer Edgar H. Schein breaks the concept of 'culture' down into real terms, delving into the behaviors, values, and shared assumptions that define it, and explains why culture is the central factor in an organization's success--or failure. This new third edition is designed specifically for practitioners needing to apply these practices in real-world settings, and has been updated with new coverage of globalization, technology, and managerial competencies. You'll learn how to get past subconscious bias to assess whether or not your existing culture truly serves your organization, and how to introduce change and manage the change process over time for a best-case-scenario outcome. Case studies illustrate successful change in real companies, providing models and setting the bar for dismantling dysfunctional cultures.

Corporate culture begins with the founder, and evolves--or not--over time. Is your culture working for or against your organization? How can it be optimized? This book separates the truth from the nonsense to provide real-world guidance on initiating and managing cultural change.
* Understand when to assess your culture, and how to do it objectively
* Learn how cultures evolve and change over time, for better or worse
* Discover the reality of multiculturalism amidst the rise of globalization
* Evolve your culture to more effectively serve your organization

Each of us is a part of many cultures--what you do, where you live, where you grew up, what you enjoy, how you live; in the workplace, many different people with many different cultures come together toward a common goal--will these cultures clash or synergize? The Corporate Culture Survival Guide shows you how to create an overarching corporate culture that gets everyone on the same page to drive your organization's success.

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xv

About the Authors xvii

Part 1 Defining Culture Change Leadership

Chapter 1 A New Metaphor for Culture Change Leadership 3

Chapter 2 What Do We Really Mean by "Leading," "Culture," and "Change"? 13

Part 2 Understanding and Assessing the Structure and Practice of Culture

Chapter 3 The Structure of Culture from the Outsider's Perspective 35

Chapter 4 The Practice of Culture from the Insider's Perspective 55

Chapter 5 Culture Assessment and Culture Typologies 71

Part 3 Culture Change Dynamics

Chapter 6 The Socio-dynamics of Transformational Change 95

Chapter 7 Culture Change Dynamics in a Mature Company: Alpha Power 123

Chapter 8 A Story of Planned Change and Some Unintended Cultural Consequences: Beta Corporation 147

Chapter 9 When Cultures Meet: Acquisitions, Mergers, Joint Ventures, and Other Multicultural Collaborations 161

Chapter 10 Culture Change Leadership Summary 183

Appendix Tools for Culture Change Planning 191

References 209

Index 213
EDGAR H. SCHEIN is the world-renowned expert on organizational culture, credited with founding the field and authoring this, the defining resource on the topic. He is Professor Emeritus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management.

PETER A. SCHEIN is the co-founder and COO of in Menlo Park, CA. He provides counsel to senior management on organizational development challenges facing private and public sector entities worldwide.

E. H. Schein, Sloan School of Management Massachusetts Institute of Technology