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Modelling Transport

Ortúzar, Juan de Dios / Willumsen, Luis G.


5. Auflage November 2023
704 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-28235-8
John Wiley & Sons

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Comprehensive Textbook Resource for Understanding Transport Modelling

Modelling Transport provides unrivalled depth and breadth of coverage on the topic of transport modelling. Each topic is approached as a modelling exercise with discussion of the roles of theory, data, model specification, estimation, validation, and application. The authors present the state of the art and its practical application in a pedagogic manner, easily understandable to both students and practitioners. An accompanying website hosts a solutions manual.

Sample topics and learning resources included in the work are as follows:
* State-of-the-art developments in the field of transport modelling, including new research and examples
* Factors to consider for better modelling and forecasting
* Information and analysis on dynamic assignment and micro-simulation and model design and specification
* Agent and Activity Based Modelling
* Modelling new modes and services

Graduate students in transportation engineering and planning, transport economics, urban studies, and geography programs along with researchers and practitioners in the transportation and urban planning industry can use Modelling Transport as a comprehensive reference work for a wide array of topics pertaining to this field.

Dr. Juan de Dios Ortúzar is Emeritus Professor in the School of Engineering at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and also Key Researcher at Instituto Sistemas Complejos de Ingeniería (ISCI) and the BRT+ Centre of Excellence. He specializes in discrete choice modelling and survey design with particular focus on transport demand modelling and the valuation of transport externalities.

Dr. Luis G. Willumsen is an internationally recognised authority in transport and traffic modelling and has over 35 years of experience in this area. He previously lectured at Leeds University and University College London, and was also a Director of Steer before leaving in 2009 to set up his own independent practice. He is also Managing Partner of Nommon Solutions and Technologies, a company processing big data to provide location and mobility intelligence.

J. d. D. Ortúzar, Pontificia University Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile; L. G. Willumsen, Steer Davies Gleave, and University College, London, UK