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Surgical Management of Advanced Pelvic Cancer

Winter, Desmond C. / Kelly, Michael E. (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage November 2021
320 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-51840-2
John Wiley & Sons

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An innovative guide to the practice of pelvic exenterative surgery for the management of advanced pelvic neoplasms

Exenterative surgery plays an important role in the management of advanced pelvic cancer. However, while a large body of evidence regarding outcomes following pelvic exenteration now exists, practical strategies and management options remain unclear. Surgical Management of Advanced Pelvic Cancer addresses this problem by assembling world-leaders in the field to provide insights into the latest techniques and best practices. It includes detailed coverage of:
* Surgical anatomy
* Operative approaches and exenterative techniques
* Reconstruction options
* Current evidence on survival and quality of life outcomes

Featuring essential information for those managing patients with advanced pelvic neoplasms, Surgical Management of Advanced Pelvic Cancer consolidates the latest data and practical advice in one indispensable guide.



1 The History Of Exenterative Surgery: From Pioneers To Pelvex.

Éanna J. Ryan And P. Ronan O'connell

2 The Role Of The Multidisciplinary Team Meeting In Locally Advanced And Recurrent Pelvic Cancer

Dennis P Schaap, Joost Nederend, Harm Jt Rutten, Jacobus Wa Burger

3 Pre-Operative Assessment Of Tumour Anatomy And Surgical Resectability

Akash M. Mehta, David Burling, John T. Jenkins

4 Neoadjuvant Therapy Options For Advanced Rectal Cancer

Alexandra Zaborowski, Michael E Kelly And Des C Winter

5 Preoperative Optimization Prior To Exenteration

Marta Climent And Miguel Pera

6 Patient Poisitioning And Surgical Technology

Ben Creavin, Michael E Kelly, Des C Winter

7 Intra-Operative Assessment Of Resectability And Operative Strategy

Rory Kokelaar, Dean Harris, Martyn Evans

8 Anterior Pelvic Exenteration

Jan W.A. Hagemans, Jan. M. Van Rees, Joost Rothbarth, Cornelis Verhoef, Jacobus W.A. Burger

9 Posterior Pelvic Exenteration

Werner Hohenberger, Maximilian Brunner, Susanne Merkel

10 Total Pelvic Exenteration

Satish K Warrier, Andrew C Lynch, Alexander G Heriot.

11 Extended Exenterative Resections Involving Bone

Timothy Chittleborough, Gordon Beadel And Frank Frizelle

12 Exenterative Resections Involving Vascular And Pelvic Sidewall Structures

Brian K. Bednarski And George J. Chang

13 Extended Exenterative Resections For Recurrent Neoplasm

Peter Sagar

14 Pelvic Exenteration In The Setting Of Peritoneal Disease

Niels Kok, Arend Aalbers, Geerard Beets

15 Minimally Invasive Pelvic Exenteration

Danielle Collins, Christos Kontovounisios, Shahnawaz Rasheed, Paris Tekkis.

16 Stoma Considerations Following Exenteration

Gabrielle H. Van Ramshorst, Jurriaan B. Tuynman

17 Reconstructive Techniques Following Pelvic Exenteration

Dimitrios Patsouras, Alexis Schizas And Mark George

18 Minimizing Morbidity From Pelvic Exenteration

Meara Dean, Alex Colquhoun, Peter Featherstone, Nicola S Fearnhead, R Justin Davies

19 Crisis Management

Henrik Kidmose Christensen, Mette Møller Sørensen, Victor Jilbert Verwaal

20 Quality Of Life And Patient-Reported Outcome Measures Following Pelvic Exenteration

Michael Solomon, Cherry Koh, Daniel Steffens

21 Adjuvant Therapy Options After Pelvic Exenteration For Rectal Cancer

Ka On Lam, Jeremy Yip, Wai Lun Law

22 Adjuvant Therapy Options After Pelvic Exenteration For Gynaecological Maligancy

Nisha Jagasia

23 Adjuvant Therapy Options For Urological Neoplasms

Gregory J Nason, Clare O'connell, Paul K Hegarty

24 The Role Of Re-Irradiation For Locally Recurrent Rectal Cancer

Johannes Hw De Wilt And Jacobus W.A. Burger

25 Palliative Pelvic Exenteration

Hidde M. Kroon, Tarik Sammour

26 Outcomes Of Pelvic Exenteration For Locally Advanced And Recurrent Rectal Cancer

Awad M. Jarrar And Scott R. Steele

27 Outcomes Following Exenteration For Urological Neoplasms

Frank Mc Dermott, Ian Daniels, Neil Smart, John Mcgrath

28 Outcomes Following Exenteration For Gynaecological Neoplasms

Päivi Kannisto, Fredrik Liedberg, Marie-Louise Lydrup

29 Mesenchymal And Non-Epithelial Tumors Of The Pelvis

Eugenia Schwarzkopf, Patrick Boland

Michael E. Kelly is an Advanced Pelvic Exeneterative Fellow at the Department of Surgery, St. Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland.

Desmond C. Winter is a Consultant Colorectal Surgeon and Clinical Professor at the Department of Surgery, St. Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland.