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Photoshop Elements 2019 For Dummies

Obermeier, Barbara / Padova, Ted


1. Auflage Dezember 2018
448 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-52015-3
John Wiley & Sons

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Turn blah photos into dazzling images

Photoshop Elements offers enough of the power you'll find in full Photoshop to make both basic and artistic edits to your photos. Photoshop Elements 2019 For Dummies helps you learn how to use Photoshop Elements to take your shots to stunning new heights!

Photoshop Elements 2019 For Dummies offers photographers of all skill levels the power to turn run-of-the-mill digital pictures into beautiful photographs. This friendly and helpful guidebook directs you on how to harness all the tools this powerful software has to offer.
* Simple explanations for handling image editing
* Steps for giving your photos a digital makeover
* Ways to turn your photos into works of art
* Guidance on fixing your pics with one click

No matter if you're a photo editing newcomer looking for advice on making the most common fixes or an experienced editor in need of a road map to this version of Photoshop Elements, this book has you covered!

Introduction 1

Part 1: Getting Started with Photoshop Elements 2019 5

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Image Editing 7

Chapter 2: Taking Pictures 21

Chapter 3: Basic Image-Editing Concepts 37

Chapter 4: Exploring the Photo Editor 53

Part 2: Managing Media 77

Chapter 5: Navigating the Organizer 79

Chapter 6: Organizing Your Pictures 95

Chapter 7: Viewing and Finding Your Images 117

Part 3: Selecting and Correcting Photos 135

Chapter 8: Making and Modifying Selections 137

Chapter 9: Working with Layers 171

Chapter 10: Simple Image Makeovers 195

Chapter 11: Correcting Contrast, Color, and Clarity 233

Part 4: Exploring Your Inner Artist 267

Chapter 12: Playing with Filters, Effects, Styles, and More 269

Chapter 13: Drawing and Painting 307

Chapter 14: Working with Type 335

Part 5: Printing, Creating, and Sharing 355

Chapter 15: Getting It on Paper 357

Chapter 16: Sharing Your Work 373

Chapter 17: Making Creations 385

Part 6: The Part of Tens 393

Chapter 18: Ten Tips for Composing Better Photos 395

Chapter 19: Ten (Or So) More Project Ideas 403

Index 409
Barbara Obermeier is the principal of Obermeier Design, a graphic design studio, and an Adjunct Professor at California Lutheran University. She has authored or coauthored more than 30 books.

Ted Padova, author of 60+ computer books, is Adjunct Professor of Visual Arts and Digital Photography at Silliman University in Dumaguete, Philippines.

B. Obermeier, Ventura, CA, Obermeier Design; T. Padova, Ventura, California