John Wiley & Sons Wiley CIA Exam Review 2019 Focus Notes, Part 3 Cover Reinforce, review, recap--anywhere you like.Study for the three parts of the CIA Exam no matter wher.. Product #: 978-1-119-52450-2 Regular price: $34.49 $34.49 Auf Lager

Wiley CIA Exam Review 2019 Focus Notes, Part 3

Business Knowledge for Internal Auditing (Wiley CIA Exam Review Series)

Vallabhaneni, S. Rao


1. Auflage Mai 2019
1100 Seiten, Softcover
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ISBN: 978-1-119-52450-2
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Reinforce, review, recap--anywhere you like.Study for the three parts of the CIA Exam no matter where you are with each of the three Focus Notes volumes. Wiley CIAexcel Exam Review 2019 Focus Notes reviews important strategies, basic skills, and concepts--so you can pass the CIA Exam your first time out. Its portable, spiral-bound, flashcard format helps you study on the go with hundreds of outlines, summarized concepts, and techniques designed to hone your CIA Exam knowledge.

Preface ix

CIA Exam Content Syllabus and Specifications xi

CIA Exam-Taking Tips xix

Domain 1: Business Acumen (35%) 1

Strategic Planning Process 2

Performance Measurement Systems 19

Organizational Behavior 32

Performance Management Techniques 37

Managers, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs 44

Risk and Control Implications of Different Organizational Structures 78

Risk and Control Implications of Common Business Processes 91

Project Management and Change Management 151

Business Contracts 162

Big Data and Data Analytics 177

Business Intelligence 231

Business Functions 250

Business Development Life Cycle 294

Business Skills 303

Business Controls 347

Domain 2: Information Security (25%) 353

Physical Security Controls 354

Authentication and Authorization Controls 389

Information Security Controls 416

Data Privacy Management 487

Emerging Technology Practices 495

Cybersecurity Risks, Controls, and Policies 559

Domain 3: Information Technology (20%) 695

System Development Life Cycle 696

Database Terms and Internet Terms 739

Business Software Systems 767

IT Infrastructure and Networks 784

IT Control Frameworks and Basic Controls 872

Disaster Recovery and Backup Methods 877

Domain 4: Financial Management (20%) 904

Financial Accounting and Finance 905

Managerial Accounting 988

About the Author 1026

Index 1027
S. RAO VALLABHANENI is an educator, author, publisher, consultant, and practitioner in business with more than thirty years of management and teaching experience in auditing, accounting, manufacturing, and IT consulting in both public and private sectors. He is the author of more than sixty trade books, study guides, review guides, monographs, audit guides, and articles in auditing and IT. He holds twenty-four professional certifications in business management in Accounting, Auditing, Finance, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Quality, and Human Resource fields.

S. R. Vallabhaneni, SRV Professional Publication