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At One with Nature

Advances in Ecological Architecture in the Work of Ken Yeang

Yeang, Ken / Threipland, Edwina


1. Auflage September 2021
272 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-52803-6
John Wiley & Sons

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"At One with Nature is an inspiring collection of the latest work of Ken Yeang that further advances sustainable architecture and design. This collection features recent projects as he explores how we can achieve harmony between the natural and our built environments to create a better planet by design. Each project features and highlights not only the systems and devices adopted, but also outlines the intentions and ecological considerations demonstrating best practices for how we can proceed moving forward. The book role models our living Earth and shows how we can behave as stewards of our planet."
--Cassia Patel, Oceanic Global Foundation

At One with Nature showcases Ken Yeang's latest ideas, built projects designs, research work and advances in the field of designing with nature, a topic that Yeang has pioneered and developed over many decades since receiving his doctorate in ecological design and planning from Cambridge University. His ideas and work are even more pertinent today with the current state of devastation of Earth's natural systems and a biogeochemical cycle that has been extensively and severely impacted by human society. The global environment today is in a state of crisis, but what can society do to address the issues?

Yeang's recent projects are presented with instructive diagrams that provide a basis for action for architects, planners, designers, engineers, and anyone whose daily work impinges on the natural environment. Offered in a highly visual, annotated format, with instructive illustrations of Yeang's theoretical books on the topic, At One with Nature is an invaluable resource that students and academics interested in designing with nature will find both informative and relevant.

Foreword xii-xiii

Nirmal Kishnani ( Dr.)

Introduction xiv-xvii

Edwina Threipland

Suasana PjH 2-19

VADS 20-29

Great Ormond Street Hospital 30-35

Shenzhen Towers 36-41

Long Hu Financial Centre 42-47

Solaris 48-61

Australian Trade Commision 62-65

O Towers 66-67

C Towers 70-73

Fo Guang Shan Foundation 74-79

CQ University 80-85

Human Research Instituten 86-95

Reynolds House 96-105

M House 106-107

Q Penang 108-109

TTDI Residences 110-119

Xiong 'An Port Apartments Refurbishment 120-135

S Apartments 136-137

Idaman Entrance Statement 138-143

Xiong 'An Station 144-149

UM Masterplan 154-169

C Canopy 154-169

La Reunion 170-187

Nitte Masterplan 188-195

R Masterplan 196-201

Patterns of Greening 202-205

Biointegration & Ecoinfrastrcture 206-213

Climate & Vegetation 214-223

On Green Design 230
Ken Yeang is an architect and ecologist best known for his ecology-based signature architecture, with its distinctive verdant green aesthetic and performance beyond green rating systems. Driven by a pioneering spirit, Yeang's long involvement with sustainable design began in 1971 with his research work on ecological design. Since then he has developed ideas, principles and systems in ecological and bioclimatic architecture and master planning, contributing significant advances in this field evident in his design, research, built work and writings. He trained at the AA (Architectural Association School, UK) and received his doctorate from Cambridge University (UK) on ecological design and planning. His key buildings include Suasana Putrajaya (Malaysia), Solaris (Singapore), Menara Mesiniaga (Malaysia, a recipient of an Aga Khan Award), Genome Research Building (Hong Kong), and Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital Extension (UK). He received the Malaysian Institute of Architects Gold Medal, the Government of Malaysia's Merdeka Award, and the Architectural Society of China Liang Sicheng Award 2016. He has authored over 12 books on ecological design. The UK Guardian newspaper named him as one of 50 individuals who could save the planet.

Edwina Threipland has considerable experience in zero-carbon buildings and high-specification housing schemes, having worked at ZEDFactory and KSR Architects. She is now a partner and director at Pike and Partners Architects Ltd in London, largely focusing on residential architecture. She also enjoys writing on architectural matters and ecological issues for a variety of magazines, and previously created the front cover of The Dictionary of Ecodesign by Ken Yeang and Lilian Woo.

K. Yeang, T. R. Hamzah & Yeang, Malaysia