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Crisis-ready Leadership

Building Resilient Organizations and Communities

Campbell, Bob


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ISBN: 978-1-119-70023-4
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Provides an integrated framework for making decisions in the context of a crisis, based on operationalized practices and strategies

Crisis-ready Leadership: Building Resilient Organizations and Communities provides the knowledge and skills necessary to make timely and effective decisions while managing a large-scale incident. Codifying the best practices from the successful FEMA-certified course On-Scene Crisis Leadership and Decision Making for HazMat Incidents, this comprehensive volume provides systematic guidance on best practices for improving situational awareness, adapting leadership styles, implementing incident command systems across political and organizational boundaries, and more.

Throughout the book, readers gain an in-depth understanding of crucial leadership and decision-making skills through examination of real-world case studies based on interviews, reports, and testimonies of experienced crisis leaders within government and the private sector. Organized around five key topics, each detailed chapter helps crisis leaders fully comprehend a particular problem, its associated challenges, and the lessons learned. Presenting operationally relevant issues and solutions supported by sound theory, this invaluable resource:
* Presents leading models, theories, and frameworks for situational awareness and decision making, including FEMA Community Lifelines
* Highlights complex challenges in different operating contexts and complicating factors such as stress and diversity, equity, and inclusion of stakeholders
* Emphasizes engaging the whole community to enhance preparedness and facilitate the decision-making process to chart a clear path to recovery
* Contains practical exercises designed to strengthen crisis leadership and decision-making skills
* Includes numerous case studies and example strategies, objectives, and scenarios

Crisis-ready Leadership: Building Resilient Organizations and Communities is required reading for all those with leadership and decision-making responsibilities before, during, and after crisis events, including emergency managers, police and fire department leaders, C-suite executives, government agency and military leaders, public health directors, and industrial facility health, safety, security, and environmental directors.

Preface xi

Acknowledgements xiii

Introduction 1

Part One, The Situation 7

1 Emerging Threats and Hazards 9

2 Operating Contexts - Command and Coordination 23

3 The Challenge Ahead 37

4 Risk-Based Planning 49

Part Two, Decision-Making 57

5 Situational Awareness 59

6 Decision Theory 71

7 Application of FEMA's Community Lifelines 93

Part Three, Adversity to Sound Judgment 107

8 Crisis Stress and Effect on Judgment 109

9 Overcoming Stress to Optimize Performance 119

Part Four Crisis Leadership 131

10 Profiles in Crisis Leadership 133

11 Attributes of a Crisis Leader 157

Part Five, A Safe and Secure Tomorrow 177

12 Preparedness 179

13 Building Resilience 189

14 Navigating from Crisis to Recovery 211

Index 219
Bob Campbell, PE, is an internationally renowned speaker, strategist, and consultant for crisis leadership and preparedness. As the founder and CEO of Alliance Solutions Group, Inc., he leads an exceptional team of professionals in delivering emergency preparedness, health, safety and environmental (HSE) solutions to government and private entities worldwide. He has 25 years of experience collaborating with public safety, private, federal, and international organizations to build resilient and prepared organizations and communities through all-hazard, risk-based planning, training, exercises, consultation, and innovations such as the ArgusElite(r) hazard-sensing and mapping unmanned aircraft system. He previously served in the U.S. Air Force as a Bioenvironmental Engineer responsible for environmental, health, safety, and emergency preparedness programs.