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Sexual Deviance

Understanding and Managing Deviant Sexual Interests and Paraphilic Disorders

Craig, Leam A. / Bartels, Ross M. (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage Mai 2021
400 Seiten, Softcover
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ISBN: 978-1-119-70583-3
John Wiley & Sons

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The essential text for understanding and managing deviant sexual interest and paraphilic disorders

Sexual Deviance is an authoritative text that provides an understanding to the assessment, management, and treatment of sexual deviance and paraphilic disorders. The international panel of contributors--noted experts on the topic--illuminate the emerging theories that help to explain the developmental influences and pathways of sexual deviance and its connection to offending behaviour. The text considers various developmental influences such as neurobiological pathways as well as the effects of pornography.

The contributors highlight the assessment and diagnosis of sexual deviance and explore the links to offending behavior such as rape fantasy, algolagnic paraphilia, online viewing of indecent images of children, and sexual sadism. The book examines the effectiveness of a variety of current treatments including behavioral, pharmacological, cognitive behavioral therapy, and systemic treatment. This important text:
* Offers contributions from an international panel of experts
* Examines the causes of deviant sexual interests
* Presents techniques for managing deviant sexual interests
* Includes information on co-morbid disorders and sexual offending

Written for students and professionals in psychology, criminology, psychiatry, forensic nursing, and social work, Sexual Deviance explores deviant sexual interests in sexual offenders and reviews the techniques designed to manage behavior.

About the Editors vii

About the Contributors ix

Acknowledgments xvii

Part I: Sexual Deviance and Paraphilic Disorders 1

1. An Overview of Sexual Deviance and Paraphilic Disorders 3
Leam A. Craig and Ross M. Bartels

Part II: Theory of Sexual Deviance and Paraphilias 23

2. The Developmental Pathways of Sexual Deviance: More than 100 Years of Research in Context 25
Patrick Lussier, Evan McCuish, and Jonathan James

3. Toward a Theory of Chronophilic Sexual Orientation in Heterosexual Men 41
Alexander F. Schmidt and Roland Imhoff

4. Understanding Sexual Thoughts and Sexual Fantasizing: The Dual-Process Model of Sexual Thinking 53
Ross M. Bartels, Anthony R. Beech, and Leigh Harkins

5. Neurobiological Basis of Sexual Deviance 67
Tillmann H. C. Kruger and Jonas Kneer

Part III: Assessing and Diagnosing Sexual Deviance 89

6. Problems and Controversies with Psychiatric Diagnoses of Paraphilia 91
Christian C. Joyal

7. Diagnosing Sexual Sadism and Other Paraphilic Disorders on the Agonistic Continuum 117
Deirdre M. D'Orazio and Charles A. Flinton

8. Understanding Minor Attraction 132
Rebecca Lievesley and Craig Harper

9. Passivity Paraphilias: Understanding Necrophilic and Somnophilic Interest 145
Mark Pettigrew and Elizabeth T. Deehan

10. Measures of Male Sexual Interest 156
Pamela M. Yates

Part IV: Sexual Deviance and Offending Behavior 169

11. Non-contact Paraphilic Disorders and Offending 171
Leah Kaylor and Elizabeth L. Jeglic

12. Sexual Sadism and Offending 189
Tamsin Higgs, Jean Proulx, Alexandre Gauthier, Etienne Garant, and Jonathan James

13. The Structure and Measurement of Sadism: Implications for Validation 207
Raymond A. Knight and Nicholas Longpré

14. Online Sexual Deviance and Pedophilia 222
Ethel Quayle

Part V: Managing Sexual Deviance and Paraphilic Disorders 239

15. A Generalized Model for Identifying Risk-Related Change in Sexual Deviance 241
David Thornton

16. Psychological Treatments for Paraphilias and Compulsive Sexual Behavior 253
Michael H. Miner and Rosemary Munns

17. Managing Paraphilic Interests in the Community: An International Perspective 268
Klaus M. Beier

18. Pharmacological Treatments for Individuals with Paraphilic Disorders or at Risk for Sexual Offending 282
Daniel Turner and Peer Briken

19. Rehabilitating Paraphilic Disorder in Prisons: Interventions Sensitive to Shame and Trauma and the Importance of Safe Prisons 295
Jamie S. Walton

20. Behavioral Control Models in Managing Sexual Deviance 311
Jayson Ware, Lauren McIvor, and Yolanda M. Fernandez

Author Index 324

Subject Index 346
Leam A. Craig, Ph.D., C.Psychol, CSci, MAE, FBPsS, FAcSS EuroPsy., is a Consultant Forensic and Clinical Psychologist and Partner at Forensic Psychology Practice Ltd. He is a Professor, Visiting Chair of Forensic Psychology, School of Psychology, University of Lincoln, Visiting Professor of Clinical Forensic Psychology, School of Social Sciences, Birmingham City University, and Hon. Professor of Forensic Psychology, Centre of Applied Psychology, University of Birmingham. He has over 120 publications including 12 books.

Ross M. Bartels, Ph.D., is a Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology and a member of 'Forensic and Clinical Psychology Research Group' at the University of Lincoln (UK).

L. A. Craig, Forensic Psychology Practice Ltd, UK