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iPhone For Dummies

Updated for iPhone 12 models and iOS 14

Baig, Edward C. / LeVitus, Bob


14. Auflage Februar 2021
416 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-73002-6
John Wiley & Sons

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The latest edition - updated to cover iOS 14 and iPhone 12

Nothing seems to change faster than an iPhone. Just when you think you know your way around the device, a new update arrives and you have to learn everything all over again. This fully revised edition of iPhone For Dummies arrives just in time to keep you up to date on iOS 14, the version of the iOS operating system released in late 2020, as well as all the updated features of iPhone 12. But don't worry if you're sticking with your current iPhone or buying an older model. This book offers help on using any iPhone that runs iOS 14, all the way back to iPhone 6.

Written by two longtime Apple fans and experts, this revised guide covers the essentials you'll need to know about the industry-leading device and its slick iOS operating system, kicking off with set-up--navigating settings, hooking up to wifi, sharing audio and video--and then gearing you up to warp speed with the many incredible ways this smartphone's tools and apps can bring a joyful extra dimension to your life.
* Explore the basics of iOS 14
* Enhance your interests with apps
* Get artsy with photos, video, and more
* Troubleshoot common problems
* Learn what makes the iPhone 12 different than the 11, X, SE, or older models

Whether you're just getting started with a new phone or want to get even more from your current version, iPhone For Dummies puts the power right at your fingertips!

Introduction 1

Part 1: Meet Your iPhone 5

Chapter 1: Unveiling the iPhone 7

Chapter 2: iPhone Basic Training 23

Chapter 3: Synchronicity: Getting Stuff to and from Your iPhone 51

Chapter 4: Understanding the Phone-damentals 71

Part 2: The PDA iPhone 95

Chapter 5: Taking Control of Your iPhone 97

Chapter 6: Texting 1, 2, 3: Messages and Notes 107

Chapter 7: Twelve Indispensable Apps and Utilities 121

Part 3: The Multimedia iPhone 149

Chapter 8: Music to Your Ears: Audio on Your iPhone 151

Chapter 9: "Smile": Taking Pictures with Your iPhone 171

Chapter 10: Starring in a Blockbuster: Video on Your iPhone 207

Part 4: The Internet iPhone 223

Chapter 11: Going on a Mobile Safari 225

Chapter 12: The Email Must Get Through 243

Chapter 13: Tracking with Maps, Compass, Stocks, Weather, and Files 273

Part 5: The Undiscovered iPhone 291

Chapter 14: Setting You Straight on Settings 293

Chapter 15: Apps-O-Lutely! 327

Chapter 16: When Good iPhones Go Bad 341

Part 6: The Part of Tens 355

Chapter 17: Ten Appetizing Apps 357

Chapter 18: Ten Helpful Hints, Tips, and Shortcuts 367

Index 379
Edward C. Baig is a long-time technology columnist and author whose work has appeared in USA Today and, among other outlets. He is also author of the latest edition of Macs For Dummies. Bob LeVitus writes the "Dr. Mac" column for the Houston Chronicle and has more than 85 technology books to his credit. The two have teamed up to write all previous editions of iPhone For Dummies as well as all editions of iPad For Dummies.